Super-Sizing LEGO Sets Is The Only Reason You Need A 3D Printer

Video: They have been used by large companies for rapidly creating prototypes for at least a few decades, but finding a reason to put a 3D printer in every home hasn't been as successful. Making accessories for your vacuum? Boring. Building soft drink bottle bridges? Meh. Super-sizing LEGO? Hello holy grail of 3D printing.

GIF: YouTube

Matt Denton used a Lulzbot Taz5 3D printer to create a giant version -- all 98 pieces -- of LEGO set #1972, a Technic go-kart originally released in the mid-'80s. Given the size limitations of his 3D printer (you can watch a making-of video here) Denton's over-sized go-kart is only about five times as large as LEGO's original. So while it's still too small for a kid to ride, the steering still works, it can be fully disassembled, and it even has 3D-printed rubber tires.

It's finally time to buy a 3D printer.

[YouTube via Popular Mechanics]



    This is the best reason to buy a 3D printer. I can't believe this hadn't occurred to me before! The description of it being only 5 times larger hurts my head (it's clearly takes up about 500 times the space); but it's too early in the morning to argue the point (plus...I'm probably wrong).

    Lego is a litigious company like no other. Watch how quickly he gets a cease & desist notice from their crumby lawyers.

      As long as they are not printing and selling the Lego brand, they will be fine. Lego patents have expired around the world, that is why there are many knockoffs. The massive increase in size alone could be enough to get around any patents still in existence.

    But why print giant LEGO when you could print regular-sized lego?
    Find instructions for a set online, and when you get to a piece you don't have in your collection, just print it. LEGO piracy is the future.

      3D printing is a long way off the precision needed to replicate the exact measurements of LEGO. You could get the general shape but it wouldn't have the same clutch power.

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