Someone Tell Supergirl We Don’t Actually Care About Mon-El

Someone Tell Supergirl We Don’t Actually Care About Mon-El

Entertainment Weekly has some very interesting news about the next season of Supergirl. It isn’t exactly good news, but it’s definitely relevant if you have even a passing affection for the show or its characters.

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Someone Tell Supergirl We Don’t Actually Care About Mon-El

We have a great idea of where season three of CW’s Supergirl is headed, and it looks like it might be a Mon-Hellish landscape. According to season three showrunner Jessica Queller, “Where Mon-El is and how he comes back is the central mystery of our season.”

Viewers will remember that Mon-El yeeted into a wormhole at the end of season two after Supergirl set off a lead bomb that made Earth’s atmosphere toxic to his people. Where that wormhole led is up for debate. It could have been the Phantom Zone, where Kara spent the better part of 24 years, or it could be the 31st Century, where Mon-El’s comic book counterpart is a major player in the Legion of Superheroes.

Either way it should have meant Mon-El would not be back on Supergirl for any extended period of time. Yet as actor Chris Wood is still listed as a series regular, and as the showrunner is saying he’s the central focus of the season — it sounds like Mon-El will be back.

And that’s damn stupid.

I thought we, as a community of TV consumers and producers, were pretty clear on one thing regarding season two of Supergirl: Mon-El is a drip. While actor Chris Wood is supremely charming, the character has been reviled by both critics and fans. Having your lead dump her dreamy black boyfriend who just wants to be a hero so she can have a romance with a prickly white prince, slaver and reluctant hero might sound good when you’re spitballing story ideas with your friends over a couple of Dews, but in practice it’s just really stupid. Especially as the show frequently had to sacrifice Supergirl’s characterisation in order to build Mon-El up as a character we should be endeared to for reasons beyond his excellent beard scruff.

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