Samsung’s PowerStick Pro Wants To Take On Dyson At Its Own Game

Stick vacuums are huge in Australia. And Dyson rules the roost, with its V6 and V8 handheld battery-powered vacuums far and away the most popular sales. But Samsung wants a piece of that action, and it now has the world’s most powerful handstick in the POWERStick PRO — Samsung’s emphasis, not mine — to do it with.

The 150-Watt POWERStick Pro has “the strongest suction in a cordless”, according to Samsung — and these are actually the kind of claims that actually don’t get made lightly, with legal threats being flung back and forth between different handstick and robot vacuum manufacturers in Australia last year. “Unbeatable cleaning performance”, too, apparently, according to the video above.

Now, in Australia Dyson has the market pretty much sewn up with its V6 and V8 handstick vacuums, although LG made some inroads with its own CordZero cordless vacuums last year too. But the POWERStick Pro claims 150 Watts of power versus the 115 Watts of Dyson’s top V8, so on paper it might actually outperform the competition. One thing it does look is more versatile.

It’s got an adjustable handle that folds 50 degrees when you push a button on its handle, and it has a removable battery in the handle. Convenient, but you might not even need it since the vacuum claims 40 minutes of vacuuming run-time. And Samsung may not have Dyson’s arsenal of vacuuming accessories at its disposal, but the new POWERStick Pro includes five additional cleaning tools other than the power-brush head.

Looks pretty cool Samsung tells me the POWERStick PRO is coming to Australia, but a price and release date is still to be confirmed. [YouTube]


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