Pauline Hanson Is Wearing A Burqa In The Senate [Update: It's Off]

Image: Twitter (ABC PoliPics)

Right now, the Senate is busy trying to work out whether Pauline Hanson is allowed to wear a burqa in the Federal Senate.

Here's a full shot from Fairfax and the ABC:

In a post on Facebook and through a media release, Senator Hanson argued that "she made the decision to attend question time" in full face covering to "raise the issue of full face covering presenting a security threat not only to Parliament House, but also to the greater Australian public".

Welcome to Canberra today.

Update: Senator Hanson has since removed the burqa.

The federal Attorney General, George Brandis, responded afterwards by carpeting Senator Hanson for mocking the Australian Islamic community, resulting in a standing ovation from the Greens and Labor - but not Brandis's Liberal colleagues, curiously.

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