Orphan Black's Final Blooper Reel Is Basically Tatiana Maslany Laughing To Herself

Video: The clone-tastic nature of Orphan Black means that star Tatiana Maslany is in so many scenes, as so many different characters. Naturally, that means whenever there's a blooper, there's a good chance she's involved... or the one causing it, as this bittersweet reel for the show's final season shows.

Image: BBC America, Still via Youtube

Released after last weekend's series finale, the reel has everything from clone name flubs to post-scene dance parties, to even Siri interrupting a very important moment between Felix and Adele. It's a wonderful last tribute to the cast after five seasons of clone club fun.

If you're still bummed out that the show's over, this will at least cheer you up for a couple of minutes.

[via EW]

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