New Leatherface Trailer May Inspire A Certain Horrifying Sense Of Déjà Vu

Video: The newest movie in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the French duo who made 2007's truly disturbing womb-raider tale Inside. That's a notch in the "pro" column for Leatherface, though it also has a huge built-in problem to overcome.

Image: screen grab via Entertainment Weekly

That problem is that we've already gotten a prequel that explored Leatherface's early years. It was called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, and it came out in 2003 — perhaps that's long enough ago for a movie that made minimal impact to be totally forgotten? At any rate, this new take stars Lili Taylor as Leatherface's mother and Stephen Dorff as a vengeful Texas Ranger, and it looks to offer the usual power-tool frights, with a side of "escaped mental patient" shockaroos.

An Australian release date for Leatherface has not yet been announced. But if it's a hit, the next movie better be a horror comedy called Chop Top, and give us the only Chainsaw family member origin story we've truly been waiting to see.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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