Make Your Own Origami Unicorn From The Original Blade Runner

Blade Runner 2049 is just over a month away. You need to prepare for the experience. You’ve watched the original (and preferred cut), yet something inside you yearns for more. A token, perhaps? What better symbol for one’s undying love of Ridley Scott’s cyberpunk classic than the origami unicorn from the end of the film? The best part is you can make it yourself!

This clip from Duke Harper is pretty clear on the steps required to go from a formless piece of paper to an adorable, existence-questioning mystical horse.

I have one recommendation though — mute the sound. The background music is beyond terrible.

Purists will scoff at the use of glue, but if it means a stronger, more resilient unicorn, what’s the harm?

There are other video tutorials available, however, they differ noticeable in design to the one featured in the film.