It’s Already Time For Crazy Rumours About The Joker Origin Movie

It’s Already Time For Crazy Rumours About The Joker Origin Movie

A Maleficent sequel is in the works. Daredevil is casting a mysterious new regular for season three. The singer of the next Bond movie’s title theme might be a doozy. Plus, new looks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the starship bridges of Star Trek: Discovery, and the cast of iZombie teases the next season. Spoilers!

The Joker

Warner Bros.’ plans for a Todd Phillips-directed, Martin Scorsese-produced Joker origin movie are still pretty fresh, but that doesn’t mean it gets to escape the rumour cycle, and now news allegedly comes from a rather bizarre source: MMA Fighter turned Hollywood actor Brendan Schaub.

Speaking to the Joe Rogan Experience — yep — Schaub, who is friends with Phillips’ agent Todd Feldman, claimed to be aware of plans for the new movie, dropping this hint about part of its take on the Joker’s origin:

It’s dark. It’s like a dark Joker. As a kid, he had a permanent smile and everyone made fun of him. It’s like on the streets of Brooklyn. It’s super dark and real.

Of course, as with all rumours that come out of MMA-fighter-turned-actor interviews on the Joe Rogan Experience, you should probably take this detail with a big pinch of salt. [Batman-News]

Christopher Robin

Nick Mohammad (The Martian, Bridget Jone’s Baby, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie), has joined the cast as Piglet. [Tracking Board]

Justice League Dark

Gerard Johnstone is the latest in a long line of screenwriters brought aboard to polish the script, according to Deadline.

Bond 25

Beyoncé is allegedly in talks to perform the film’s theme song. [NME]

Maleficent 2

A sequel to Maleficent is moving forward as Spectre screenwriter Jez Butterworth has been tapped to polish a script by Linda Woolverton. Angelina Jolie is expected to reprise her role as the wicked sorceress Maleficent. [Tracking Board]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Two new TV spots include both an exploding baseball and an evil ’50s diner.

Castle Rock

Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn has joined the cast of the semi-Stephen King-iverse series as Dale Lacy, “a pillar of the community” in the town of Castle Rock, according to Deadline.


That Hashtag Show has unearthed a new casting call for a character named “Steve”, described thus:

28-35, 5’9-6’1, Open ethnicity. An athletic but socially awkward FBI Agent, needs structure and rules to suppress the darkness inside himself. Athletic with medium build, responsible and resourceful, hair trigger temper. SERIES REGULAR

The outlet speculates the character may actually be Stanley “Sin-Eater” Carter, a former SHIELD agent turned vigilante who gained super-human strength through experimental treatments.

Star Trek: Discovery

Variety has our best look yet at the bridge of the USS Discovery, thanks to a new photoshoot with the main cast.

American Horror Story: Cult

The latest promo features reality-warping techno-clowns summoning a woman. You know, as reality-warping techno-clowns are wont to do.


Finally, TV Line sat down for a chat with the show’s cast about Seattle’s new zombie ecology.

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