LIVE: Watch Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 Launch

LIVE: Watch Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 Launch

In under a day, Samsung will “do bigger things” — at an event in New York where it plans to launch the Galaxy Note8, the follow-up to last year’s literally too hot to handle Note7. If you’re keen on seeing what Samsung has to show off, here’s how you can tune in.

Samsung’s homepage has been transformed for the event, and you’ll be able to tune in there come launch time: 1AM AEST on August 24. Bright and early!

It’s also a pretty safe bet that Samsung will simultaneously stream the event on its YouTube channel. Samsung also has an Unpacked 2017 app for iOS and Android, but we’re not yet sure if it’ll include a livestream.

We’ll have all the launch info — price, release date, all the vital stats and everything new for you to get excited about — right here on Giz.

We’ve heard a few leaks about the new phone already, revolving around a free screen replacement program — useful for Samsung’s massive, and expensive, curved-edge OLED displays. You should be able to pre-order the phone the day after it’s announced, but don’t expect to get one into your hands for around a month or so.

2016’s launch of the Galaxy Note7 went from triumph to debacle over the span of a few short months — a very successful launch and a lauded phone, marred by high-profile battery explosions and one of the largest product recalls the tech world has ever seen.

This is the phone that will be in viewers’ minds as Samsung reps take the stage in New York tomorrow morning. The world’s largest phone maker has its work cut out for it with the Note8. It better impress with either features, or reliability and peace of mind, to win back trust.

We’re on the ground in New York, so stay tuned to Gizmodo tomorrow morning for everything you could possibly hope to know about Samsung’s most important phone in years. [Samsung / YouTube]

Gizmodo travelled to New York as a guest of Samsung.