Here’s What All The Defenders Were Up To Before The Defenders

Here’s What All The Defenders Were Up To Before The Defenders

The Defenders debuts on Netflix this week, bringing together four different characters and TV shows into one giant super mega crossover. For anyone who needs a reminder of what the heck these characters have been doing, or maybe skipped Iron Fist for relatively obvious reasons, here’s a video crash course.

Image: Netflix

Jessica Jones

First, we have Jessica Jones, the no-bull super heroine who spent the first season of her show overcoming her traumatic past. Her story may not involve the Hand, the big bad of The Defenders, but it’s gone down as one of the most impactful shows of the series so far.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage, the famous Hero of Harlem, is currently behind bars after his secret identity and previous conviction were uncovered. But if Foggy’s involvement is any indication, he won’t be in there for long.


Matt Murdock has hung up his Daredevil uniform and settled back into a life of helping those in need legally. But with Elektra being brought back from the dead to be the Hand’s chosen one, he’s going to have to put on the mask once again. Also, when’s Daredevil going to explain that damn hole in the ground?

Iron Fist

And finally, there’s the Iron Fist… who keeps having to tell everyone he’s the Iron Fist. He abandoned his mission at K’un Lun to go run his family business, leading to a ton of people being murdered. Not a great way to start your destiny.