Gizmodo Movie Night: War, What Is it Good For?

Image: Platoon

With tensions growing between the USA and North Korea, as well as Turnbull pledging Australia's collective axe to Trump's cause, things are feeling quite grim going into the weekend. What better way to forget all our troubles than with a bunch of war movies!

Sadly Full Metal Jacket isn't streaming at the moment, so please don't come at me!



Netflix: A naive American soldier's view of the Vietnam War starts to change after he witnesses murder and rape at the hands of his compatriots.

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Inglourious Basterds

Netflix: A Jewish cinema owner in occupied Paris is forced to host a Nazi premiere, where a group of American soldiers called the Basterds plans a face-off.

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Black Hawk Down

Netflix: When U.S. forces attempt to capture two underlings of a Somali warlord, their helicopters are shot down and the Americans suffer heavy casualties.

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Tropic Thunder

Netflix: This combat film send-up from director-star Ben Stiller tracks a group of actors who are forced to become real-life soldiers.

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On The Beach

Stan: Released at the height of the Cold War, this film directed by Stanley Kramer deals with the after effects of a nuclear war. When a nuclear holocaust exterminates virtually all life on earth, Australia is spared, if only momentarily.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


Stan: While Frodo & Sam continue to approach Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring, unaware of the path Gollum is leading them, the former Fellowship aid Rohan & Gondor in a great battle as Sauron wages his last war against Middle-Earth.

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Red Cliff

Stan: This epic Chinese action film is based on the legendary battle in which a tiny force of men defied an army of one million. Prime Minister Cao Cao declares war on neighbouring kingdoms, in a misguided attempt to unite China.

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Stan: The fate of mankind rests in the hands of a teenager (Matthew Broderick) who accidentally taps into the Defense Department's tactical computer. Dabney Coleman and Ally Sheedy co-star.

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Foxtel Now

Apocalypse Now

Foxtel: During the Vietnam war, Captain Willard is sent on a dangerous mission into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade US colonel who has set himself up as a god among a local tribe.

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Saving Private Ryan

Foxtel: Following the Normandy Landings, a group of US soldiers go behind enemy lines to retrieve a paratrooper whose brothers have been killed in action.

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Foxtel: The story of William Wallace, a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his intellect to rally his countrymen against the tyranny of England's King Edward in the 13th century.

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The Great Escape

Foxtel: Allied prisoners of war assembled the finest escape team in military history who worked on what became the largest prison breakout ever attempted from a maximum security German camp.

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