Don’t Get Too Excited For That Crazy Rumour About Superman’s Return In Justice League

Don’t Get Too Excited For That Crazy Rumour About Superman’s Return In Justice League

Patty Jenkins is very close to directing Wonder Woman 2. Get another look at a few of the heroes showing up in Avengers: Infinity War. The live-action Jetsons remake is getting a pilot. Plus, more footage from Riverdale, Inhumans and Death Note, and a ton of images from Thor: Ragnarok. To me, my spoilers!

Justice League

The internet is all in a fluster over a new Reddit rumour about just how and when Superman returns from the dead in the movie. The speculation comes after pop culture merchandise website SuperHeroStuff posted a product description of the Superman Funko Pop from the movie that… goes a little overboard:

The Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash figures are barely holding their own against invading Parademons and an axe-wielding Steppenwolf. If only Superman — in Funko figure form — was here…

LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! Is that… is that Superman?? IT IS! It’s the Superman Justice League Movie Funko Pop Vinyl Figure and it resurrected itself moments before Steppenwolf skewered Wonder Woman with a hefty chunk of Venezuela!

Here’s the thing though: This isn’t an official description of the figure, and doesn’t show up in any other retailer listing for the same toy. So Justice League probably doesn’t feature its big bad trying to skewer Wonder Woman with a chunk of Venezuela. A reminder: Toys are rarely to be trusted when it comes to movie rumours.

Wonder Woman 2

Speaking of Wonder Woman, a final deal is being formed for Patty Jenkins to officially direct the second solo movie for Diana of Themiscyra. Deadline reports the reason that Jenkins’ recruitment for the sequel has taken longer than the confirmation of Gal Gadot’s involvement and the release date announcement was because the director is expected to be paid substantially more for her involvement this time round, given the overwhelming success of the first film.


Alan Arkin has joined the cast of the Tim Burton remake as J. Griffin Remington, an unscrupulous Wall Street tycoon, according to Variety.

Fantastic Voyage

Guillermo del Toro’s remake of Fantastic Voyage will begin filming this January in Toronto, according to Omega Underground.

Han Solo

Another day, another picture from the set, this time featuring Ron Howard smiling at a Chewbacca closeup. We’re gonna see half this movie before it gets a title, aren’t we?

Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel has released over 80 high-res stills from the intergalactic Thor sequel. Head over to Coming Soon to see the rest.

Avengers: Infinity War

Some early, official artwork from Steve Cas has been posted to Instagram, giving us a better look at a few of the heroes.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Here’s the latest poster for the movie. [Coming Soon]

Death Note

L Confronts Light in the latest clip.

The Jetsons

ABC has ordered a pilot for the previously rumoured live-action Jetsons series from producer Robert Zemekis. [Entertainment Weekly]

Locke & Key

IDW’s David Ozer has revealed Frances O’Connor has joined the cast as Nina:

We are thrilled to have the multidimensional talents of Frances O’Connor to breath colour and life into this pivotal character in our series, and along with a stellar production team in place, we have no doubt that we will be able to bring Joe Hill’s creative vision to the small screen.


Teen Wolf

MTV’s Teen Wolf will conclude with a 50-minute long “super finale” airing September 24 in the US, according to TV Guide.

Legends of Tomorrow

TV Line reports Susie Abromeit will guest-star in an upcoming episode as Ray Palmer’s mother — given their ages, time travel is almost certainly involved.

Supporting this theory, Brandon Routh posted a picture of himself riding a Delorean for the show’s Halloween episode on Instagram.


Speaking with Comic Book, Lili Reinhart revealed Betty Cooper is the “focal point” of season two’s overarching mystery.

Dark Betty I feel like doesn’t exist anymore. It’s like this season just her darkness kind of envelops her a little bit. Betty is, without giving anything away, a very big focal point of the mystery in season 2 and it takes a toll on her, just like it did with Cheryl in season 1. Betty gets wrapped up in something that she never asked to be wrapped up in and this kind, sweet, gentle person is pushed to her limit.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief new trailer for season 2, teasing dark paths ahead for more than just poor Betty.

The Inhumans

Meet the Inhumans in this new trailer

The Gifted

Finally, new character posters of Polaris, Eclipse, Blink and Thunderbird have hit the web — click the link to see more. [CBM].

Banner art by Jim Cooke.