Disney Is Planning To Pull All Of Its Movies From Netflix And Start Its Own Streaming Service

It's barely been a year since Netflix became the exclusive site for streaming Disney movies. Now, in a stunning reversal, the House of Mouse has announced it plans to pull its films from the service and start up one of its own in 2019.

The original programming might have been a bit grim, but Jan Dodonna thought his Disney subscription was worth every credit. Image: Lucasfilm

Announced during its earnings report today, Disney confirmed plans to remove all of its movies from the service and end its streaming agreement with Netflix in 2019, meaning that movies such as Toy Story 4 or Frozen 2, both due out that year, will not come to Netflix. Exclusive rights were only granted to Netflix by Disney starting last September, making it the only place to stream new Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and -- as of June, with the arrival of Rogue One on the platform -- Star Wars movies.

After the deal is nullified, Disney is planning to launch its own streaming service some time in 2019 as well, so don't expect those movies to show up anywhere else. (Hooray for having to get a billion proprietary subscription services to stream the content you want!) The current deal only affects rights to new Disney movies, so it has no effects on Netflix's current relationship with Marvel to develop shows such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but this is still a big blow to Netflix's catalogue of movies.

However, a press release posted to the official Walt Disney website does confirm that Disney's planned streaming service will not just be the exclusive home for its theatrical movies, but also new original content, including movies and TV programming:

The new Disney-branded service will become the exclusive home in the U.S. for subscription-video-on-demand viewing of the newest live action and animated movies from Disney and Pixar, beginning with the 2019 theatrical slate, which includes Toy Story 4, the sequel to Frozen, and The Lion King from Disney live-action, along with other highly anticipated movies. Disney will also make a significant investment in an annual slate of original movies, TV shows, short-form content and other Disney-branded exclusives for the service. Additionally, the service will feature a vast collection of library content, including Disney and Pixar movies and Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD television programming.

Speaking to the press on a media call in the wake of the announcement, Disney CEO Bob Iger noted that while Disney's own movies would definitely move over to the new services, the rights of the Star Wars and Marvel films are still being decided -- and in fact, those movies specifically could stay exclusive to a place like Netflix:

Meanwhile, Iger also further confirmed that the current deal Netflix has with Marvel to produce and stream the Defenders series of shows will continue, with the shows staying on Netflix after 2019:

We reached out to Netflix for a comment on the announcement, but had not heard back at time of writing.

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    All of this fragmentation in the video streaming market seems to me like it's just going to undermine the market itself. Streaming has been the greatest weapon the movie / TV industry has had against piracy because it gives people convenient access to content at an affordable monthly price.

    But when people end up needing 10 different subscriptions to access the content they want, it is no longer convenient nor affordable. Next thing you know, people who haven't pirated a movie or show in years are being driven straight back to piracy again.

      Agreed, I know if I want to watch any Disney films after this, I'll do it the pre-netflix way.

      Absolutely! I can't see this as being good for most customers. About the only people it might benefit are ones with kids who can basically subscribe to *just* the Disney service and nothing else.

      I'm already annoyed with streaming in Oz when we effectively need Netflix, Stan and Foxtel subscriptions to get what I want (and even then some stuff is missing). Pulling Disney out and making yet another service? UGH!

        Forgot to add, it's only a matter of time before Warner does the same thing and universal and every other major content creator. All we can hope is they realise just how horrible that situation will become and that they'll start losing money as a result rather than making it.

        That's the part that really shits me. We already have Disney content now under our existing subscription. Now you're telling me that I'm going to need a separate subscription to be able to watch the stuff I'm already watching on Netflix now? No thanks.

        This is why all the record companies don't all have their own streaming services instead of coming together under Spotify / Apple / Google. Because when you fragment the market like that it ends up not being good value for anyone anymore and the whole thing collapses.

          Don't say that out loud! You might give Sony/Warner/etc ideas!

    Yeah, no. I am not going to subscribe to that Disney. Fuck off.

    This is getting ridiculous, just to watch Anime now there are 5 services - and they are now dividing the market up with their exclusives. This is seriously two steps back for consumers and promotes piracy.

    Top of that I saw a US company is now creating "Streaming Packages" for multiple services that are more and more like cable packages. Which was always a terrible pricing model.

    Disney owns Makers and lots of youtubers, will they be funnelling them over to fill content gaps?

      I killed off my Anime subs because over this atm. Its just nyaa happening, especially when EVERY service is $15 a month.

    Well makes business sense for them, why let another company make billions off your ip
    as the all see now, its not hard to start your own streaming service.

    as a consumer we miss out

    how much content do they have to ensure a regular subscription is kept?
    i'm more than likely subscribe for a month and then cancel.
    i just keep my netflix account rolling mostly out of convenience

    How long until there's an app that we subscribe to for $50 a month that gives us access to a range of streaming services?

      I've been asking for something like that ever since streaming became a thing. Pay a flat fee and get content from all the major streaming companies. Let the intermediary divide up my single payment between each provider.

    So thats why you cant get Digital downloads (google play) with Disney Bluray's (Marvel + Star Wars) anymore... :'(

    This sucks, but is US only, so could see a similar situation with Start Trek Discovery where US has to use CBS All Access and rest of us use Netflix.

    At least I hope.

    Yep, so it's becoming like cable channels again. Each cable channel with their exclusives, and creating their own content, until people are sick of subscribing to so many, and yet another aggregator of content comes to the market with everything in one place.

    I'm already sick of Netflix pushing all their own content on me. I don't want to see all their crappy shows (yes I know some are actually good)

    Well I already don't buy physical Disney, because paying $40-$50 for a Bluray, DVD, 3D or HD Bluray and digital download so the kids I don't have can't scratch them all shits me off.

    Even the latest Star Wars, advertised they're shot in 4K, trailers in 4K, no 4k release to piecemeal and force you to buy twice.

    Now this? I guess pirating is the best way to get Disney / Marvel / Lucas from now on.

    Disney's going to manage quite some feat - pulling the rug out from underneath themselves!

    This will be the new Star Wars X title "Return of the Video Store". If fragmentation keeps occurring people will just rent a movie etc as it will be much cheaper than signing up to all the different services.

    Disney removes all of its movies from streaming services to launch its own

    In other news piracy rates of disney movies skyrocket and disney is left scratching its head wondering why.

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