Dell CEO Michael Dell Releases A Statement On Charlottesville

Dell CEO Michael Dell Releases A Statement On Charlottesville

After a week of silence, Dell CEO Michael Dell has finally addressed the violence in Charlottesville. As CEOs fled Trump’s toxic Manufacturing Council and denounced the US president’s racist responses, Dell pledged to stand by the president. Now, the council has been dissolved and at 6PM on a Friday in the US (8AM Saturday in Australia), Dell has some inspiring words.

Dell CEO Michael Dell with Donald Trump. Photo: Getty

The 'Dude You're Getting A Dell' Guy Condemns Trump's Excuses For Nazis

Ben Curtis, AKA the 'Dude, you're getting a Dell' guy, served as Dell Computer's pitchman for years and remains one of the most iconic symbols of the company. Yesterday, Dell CEO Michael Dell insisted on remaining part of a (now-dissolved) presidential council while many others resigned in protest following Trump's vigorous defence of a white supremacist rally that left a young woman dead. So we decided to ask the former face of the company how he feels about the situation.

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You can read Dell’s belated response below:

At the most basic level human emotion can be divided into into love or hate. Hate is evil and we’ve seen far too much hate lately whether in Charlottesville, Barcelona or elsewhere.

Our company is a place where everyone is welcome. Our team members come from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, genders and races. This is one of our greatest strengths and we thrive in this culture. Hatred, violence, racism and terrorism like the kind we have seen last weekend in Virginia and more recently in Barcelona are driven only by evil and seek to divide us. These actions and any who support them have no place in our global society.

Our culture code (…) is at the heart of our commitment and it details the expectations we have for our team members and our company. These recent events only strengthen our resolve to make an even greater positive difference in the world.