DC’s Live-Action Titans Just Cast An Australian As A Major Team Member

DC’s Live-Action Titans Just Cast An Australian As A Major Team Member

Fans waiting for the first piece of casting on DC’s upcoming live-action Teen Titans show, Titans, are about to have a good day.

Raven, seen here from Teen Titans Go, is coming to live-action played by actress Teagan Croft. Image: DC

Deadline reports Australian actress Teagan Croft has just been cast as Raven on the show which will debut as part of DC’s streaming service set to launch in 2018. The show is being written and producers by DC’s main creatives from TV, movies and comics, such as Greg Berlanti of Flash and Arrow, DC Comics president and film producer Geoff Johns, and Hollywood mainstay Akiva Goldsman.

Raven is one of several DC heroes who’ll be part of the team, lead by Dick Greyson, who has yet to be cast. She’s the daughter of a demon named Trigon and is skilled at dark magic.

Croft can be seen in the sci-fi film The Osiris Child, available on Blu-Ray and DVD later this month. We reviewed it last year, check it out.

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And, again, Titans will be on DC’s new streaming service in 2018.