Australia Post’s ‘Digital ID’ System Now Includes Other Companies, Government Departments

Australia Post’s ‘Digital ID’ System Now Includes Other Companies, Government Departments

A way to verify your identity online, Australia Post’s Digital iD system is already integrated with MyPost Parcel Collect and Mail Redirection Service. Today it is expanding across “a range of companies and government departments” including Airtasker, Credit Union Australia, Travelex and Queensland Police Service.

Using the system means you verify your identity information once, so you can then easily prove who you are online and in person through the platform’s smartphone app. You won’t need to repeatedly use several forms of identity to prove who you are, or have a bunch of passwords to access different products and services.

Australia Post Executive General Manager Trusted eCommerce Services, Andrew Walduck, said that by using Digital ID, people will have “more control over the personal data they share with organisations.”

“For example, most people hand over their driver’s licence to prove they can legally go to a bar, but all that is needed is a name and birth date – not that information plus your full residential address,” Walduck said.

Walduck said existing identity verification processes were time consuming and cost the Australian economy up to $11 billion a year, according to Australia Post research.

Airtasker will use Digital iD to allow you to obtain an identity “badge” to prove who you are, CUA will adopt the technology to verify new members applying for selected savings accounts online or via their mobile device, Travelex will use the technology as part of its Know Your Customer Checks, and Queensland Police Service will incorporate Digital iD into its national police clearance certificates process to be launched later this year.