You Can Tap On To Sydney Ferries With Your Mastercard Now

Image: Supplied

We are one step closer to saying goodbye to Opal cards.

If you're catching the F1 Manly to Circular Quay ferry from today, you can tap on with your Mastercard card or mobile wallet. It's the first time in Australia contactless payments have been enabled on the public transport network.

Both domestic and international Mastercard cards are compatible, which is good news for tourists, too.

Doug Howe, Vice President Enterprise Partnerships at Mastercard said 82 per cent of Aussies are using tap-and-go to make payments every week, and that this move "just makes good sense".

Mastercard is already working with over 100 cities across the globe to enable contactless or mobile payments on public transport services, and Howe said the feature "has huge potential" to be extended to other cities and services.

Trials for contactless payments on all NSW Transport services that currently accept Opal card began in August last year.

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