TNT’s Tales From The Crypt Reboot Refuses To Die

TNT’s Tales From The Crypt Reboot Refuses To Die

Image: HBO

The Crypt-Keeper may already have been laid to rest, but TNT hasn’t given up on resurrecting M. Night Shyamalan’s beleaguered Tales From The Crypt reboot.

Turner Entertainment’s chief creative officer Kevin Reilly recently gave an update on the project, saying that he and others at TNT still want the rights needed to produce a new Tales From The Crypt show. According to Deadline, Reilly said the reboot is still unlikely (and he didn’t hide his frustration with the process), but added that once the lawyers can get their act together, they can move forward.

“It’s been fun with lawyers, it’s been really fun,” Reilly said. “We did not know from the get-go or else we would not have announced it and made a big deal out of it. But in fact there were rights. It is among the most — if not the most — complicated rights structure I’ve ever seen in my career, and we had no idea as we got into it. It became a nightmare. So we said, ‘Fine.’ If and when this gets cleaned up, we’ll revisit.”

Announced in April, the reboot was supposed to be the cornerstone of TNT’s Horror Block, along with a new series called Creatures and the seasonal anthology Time of Death. Unfortunately, the network had trouble getting rights to the original 1950s series from EC Comics, mainly because the comic book has been sold to various producers and creators over the years.

This led to TNT pulling the project in June and replacing with a science fiction-based block of programming, headed by Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott. Reilly said that’s their prime focus, with a goal to debuting in 2018.