There's Super Mario Monopoly Now

Image: Hasbro

Take two big pillars of your childhood and mash them together. What do you get? Super Mario Monopoly, of course. Monopoly Gamer, as it's called, will feature characters like Mario and Peach and Bowser, and has power-ups and boss battles as well as a Nintendo take on the usual property tycoon and cash battles

From Hasbro: "The Monopoly Gamer Edition game will feel familiar yet fresh to both Monopoly and Nintendo fans, as players race around the board to complete levels (buy property), collect coins (money) — either from the bank or by using special powers to take them from other players—and battle legendary bosses to rack up points and win the game. Players can choose from fan-favorite Super Mario character tokens, such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Yoshi."

The Monopoly Gamer Edition will be out in August at major retailers throughout Australia for $44.99. [Hasbro / Nintendo]

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