The World's Biggest Super Soaker Is Powerful Enough To Shatter Windows

Video: Last year, Mark Rober built the world's largest Nerf dart gun, capable of blasting foam at 64km/h. Sure, that made it slightly more dangerous than the toy it was based on, but it doesn't even come close to Rober's latest bonkers creation: A giant Super Soaker that fires water at 391km/h.

At 2.1m-long, Rober's super-sized Super Soaker officially holds the Guinness World Record, but you'll never, ever, want to find yourself caught in a water fight with it. The water gun's giant green reservoir can be pressurised to 2400 PSI, producing a stream of water that blasts out of the barrel with enough pressure to shatter windows — and take down anyone who dares reach for the garden hose.


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