The New iZombie Features Undead Cops, A Refugee Crisis And Grave-To-Table Dining

The New iZombie Features Undead Cops, A Refugee Crisis And Grave-To-Table Dining

The third season finale of CW’s iZombie changed the game — and basically the entire world. Humans know about zombies now, and (New) Seattle will be the testing grounds for whether the two groups can live — and unlive, I guess — side-by-side. Based on the show’s panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, odds aren’t looking good.

iZombie's Season Finale Obliterated The Status Quo And Made Next Season A Must-Watch

Remember back when Rob Thomas said that the end of season three of iZombie would reset the series? And that there was a major reveal cut from the season finale and saved for the season four premiere, even though the cast and crew didn't know for sure if they'd get one? Well, I think we have our answers.

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When season four begins, New Seattle has cut off from the rest of the country, thanks to a partnership between the government and Fillmore-Graves. It’s a new society for humans and zombies to co-exist in (each police officer even gets their own zombie partner!). For zombies, brains are dispensed like medical marijuana, with zombies needing their “Brain Card” in order to get their latest meal. However, that isn’t the only way they can fill up, because less-than-scrupulous entrepreneur Blaine is also opening up a grave-to-table restaurant called Romero’s.

However, much like Zootopia, things in town aren’t as perfect as they seem. Rose McIver said Liv is going to have mixed feelings about the direction the city and its zombie inhabitants are going, feeling unsure whether they should have “come out” in the first place. And there’s also going to be a human terrorist organisation called the “Dead Enders”, which creator Rob Thomas said will be trying to prohibit fraternisation between humans and zombies.

Despite the problems in the city, Seattle will also have to face conflicts outside the city, too. As the government deliberates whether to blow New Seattle to smithereens, getting rid of any possible zombie outbreak, scores of terminally ill people are trying to get into the city as refugees. Their goal? To be turned into zombies so they don’t die. According to Thomas, that’s mainly why Chase is making it illegal for zombies to intentionally infect others, which could present a problem — especially for Liv, who ended last season intentionally infected Ravi to test a possible cure.

iZombie is set to return midseason 2018. For anyone wanting a refresher on the series so far, CW made this special sizzle reel for San Diego Comic-Con: