The Magicians Returns With Living Boats, Singing Contests, And A World Without Magic

The Magicians Returns With Living Boats, Singing Contests, And A World Without Magic

All images: Syfy

The Magicians took the chance provided by Comic-Con to reveal the Muntjac, a magic, living ship that will play a huge part in season three of the Syfy show. In a press event that same day, executive producer John McNamara said, “It will kind of be our Fury Road season. No resources. What do you do?”

Season two ended with Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julia (Stella Maeve) causing a bit of a problem for everyone. “Quentin and Julia kind of killed magic,” explained executive producer Sera Gamble. “It’s still called The Magicians, so we felt a certain responsibility to bring something cool and magical. It just comes from completely unexpected and different places in season three,” she continued.

Gamble also revealed a bit about where certain characters would be starting the season, with Quentin thinking about how much he would like to have magic back, while Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) is trying to figure out who she even is without it. There’s also the question of Julia, who was shown in the end of the season to still have at least a bit of magic. Gamble added that Margo’s (Summer Bishil) story was, and is, about how when you are in charge and have to make decisions, sometimes there is no perfect answer and people you love get hurt.

McNamara threw out an idea for an episode he has just started brainstorming with the rest of the writing staff that sounds flat-out amazing. “There will be an episode,” he said, “that will involve singing, performing in kind of like Battle of the Bands fashion or Pitch Perfect. The losers die and the winners get a thing that our characters want to help turn back on magic.”

As for the Muntjac, which is a ship that can talk and think and get hurt, the outside may look like any old ship, the concept art of the interior really stresses the fact that it’s alive.

The characters are getting new outfits for their new home on the seas, of course.. “Wait until you see the eyepatches,” said Bishil. Hale Appleman, who plays Eliot, added that costume designer Magali Guidasci is really taking the “seafaring, Captain Eliot” idea to heart, making him a costume that’s fantasy meets military meets sailor. “I have a jacket I can’t even explain to you guys,” he finished.

The Magicians returns in 2018.