The Coolest Marvel Toys Revealed At This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con

The Coolest Marvel Toys Revealed At This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con

Image: Hasbro

Comic-Con means toys: Not just the ones you line up a zillion hours for to get at the convention, but all the toys you discover that are on their way to threaten your savings account over the next few months. We’ve seen badass generals, giant robots, and even shapely butts so far, but now it’s Marvel’s turn!

Last night’s Hasbro panel for Marvel was jam-packed with new reveals, covering everything from the Defenders to the Inhumans, capitalising on the near future of Marvel’s TV output. Also Deadpool. Oh god, so much Deadpool.

Spider-Man Legends

Spider-Man has so many waves of the 15cm Legends action figures to his name, what harm is there in another? The latest Spidey wave includes Lasher, Mysterio, the excellent Spider-Punk from Spider-Verse, and out of nowhere, Gwenpool, who even has her own mobile phone to snap action figure selfies with.

Collecting all the figures will get you a buildable version of Dr. Curt Connors in this Lizard form.

30cm Action Figures

The deluxe line of foot-tall figures is continuing to grow, this time adding Black Panther — based on his new suit from the upcoming movie — and the classic incarnation of Wolverine, who comes with both a masked and unmasked head, and even battle-damaged costume elements to make him look as roughed up as possible.

TV’s Defenders

Netflix’s Defenders — or at least two of them — are already getting their own action figures based on their actors, but this new set brings together the team from the show in their comic-book costumes… with a few twists, considering the Jessica Jones you get is actually Jess in her old superhero identity as Jewel. Still, it’s a cool way to capitalise on the team ahead of The Defenders arriving on Netflix next month.

Sweet Rides

Hasbro debuted not one, but two new deluxe vehicle sets for the Legends line. The first is of the Black Widow herself, along with an equally slick motorbike to pose her with, while the second is of the classic Johnny Blaze, complete with his furiously fiery bike. I mean, come on, if you’re gonna do Marvel vehicles, Ghost Rider pretty much has to be one of the first ones you do.

Uncanny Inhumans and Other Exclusives

Comic book versions of TV heroes were a running theme in Hasbro’s Marvel toys this year, with Black Bolt appearing in part of an upcoming, half-revealed Black Panther series alongside Namor.

Meanwhile, his wife Medusa will be an exclusive action figure for a currently unrevealed outlet, joining Mr. Fantastic and fan contest winner Songbird as exclusive new figures you’ll have to hunt down.

On top of that, a two-pack of Hydra goons is on the way as well, so all your superhero action figures have someone to beat up.

So Much Deadpool Stuff

Deadpool is extremely popular, so it makes sense that he’s out in full force when it comes to toys, but Hasbro went overboard this year. Not only is the merc with a mouth getting his own Monopoly edition, depicting Wade as Mr. Moneybags, there’s also a Deadpool-inspired set of Nerf blasters on the way, for those that like a side of profanity and insanity with their dart-firing shootouts.

On the action figure front, not one but two different versions of Deadpool — in his X-Force and Agent of Weapon X suits — are joining the standard Deadpool in the 30cm line.

And too round it all out, Deadpool gets his own themed wave of 15cm action figures too, which includes Cable, Domino, a re-release of the highly-sought-after standard Deadpool from this year’s X-Men wave, Deathlok, X-23, and the “Back in Black” version of Deadpool, whenhe was infected witht he Venom symbiote..

Like I said, so much Deadpool.

Vintage Marvel

Finally Hasbro revealed a new line of vintage-inspired figures in the vein of the retro packaging they have done for Star Wars figures in the past.

Using classic designs of familiar heroes like Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Punisher, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, the series will feature special packaging inspired by the old-school Toy Biz Marvel Superheroes figures from the ’90s.