The Aliens Paul Reiser Figure You’ve Been Waiting For, And The Rest Of The Awesome Toys We Saw This Week

The Aliens Paul Reiser Figure You’ve Been Waiting For, And The Rest Of The Awesome Toys We Saw This Week

Welcome back to another week of Toy Aisle, our collection of the most amazing Paul Reiser merchandise (and maybe other things) we’ve seen on the internet this week. We have Black Panther and the Ultimate Spider-Man himself swinging into action, even more SDCC exclusives, and a very fancy Transformer.

LEGO San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Brick Headz

If you’re looking for another reason to be sad about missing the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, LEGO will be selling two new Brick Headz sets exclusively at the show for $US40 ($52) each, but only if you’re lucky enough to win a lottery for the privilege of buying either one. The 144-piece Spider-Man and Venom set will be available at the LEGO booth on July 20 and 22, while the 234-piece Supergirl and Martian Manhunter will be sold on July 21 and 23. Come prepared to wait in line, and then possibly be disappointed. [Lego]

ThreeA Toys Transformers: The Last Knight Bumblebee Figure

You can’t have a Transformers movie without a new lineup of Transformers toys, and tagging along with with The Last Knight comes this new 38.1cm-tall Bumblebee figure from ThreeA Toys. It doesn’t actually transform into a car, which might be a disappointment to some, but it over-compensates for that with an incredible 78 points of articulation, light-up LED eyes and headlights, and a battle mask accessory. That explains the $US390 ($507) price tag, and why you’ll have to wait until early 2018 for this to arrive. [Sideshow Collectibles via Toy People News]

LEGO Creator London Bus

Blimey! Following up on detailed versions of the Volkswagen Beetle, VW Camper Van and Mini Cooper, LEGO’s Creator line is introducing a 1686-piece London double-decker bus (an AEC Routemaster, to be precise) featuring a removable upper-deck and roof so you can revel in all the details inside. Available August 1 for $199.99, the bus includes advertisements on the side circa the 1950s, or present day, depending on your desired level of nostalgia. It also includes a new tyre design, for those of you who only buy the latest and greatest sets for their unique parts. [LEGO]

Mezco One:12 Miles Morales

Mezco’s line of One:12 superhero figures does the impossible with many smaller-scaled toys and makes fabric costumes really work fantastically… in most regards. Its first Spider-Man figure, based on classic webslinger Peter Parker, didn’t quite live up to the excellence of Mezco’s past Marvel and DC figures in the costume department, but a few tweaks (and, of course, a colour scheme change) make their take on Ultimate Spidey Miles Morales look much better. Although an SDCC exclusive, Miles — who comes with alternate hands as well as various pieces of webbing to recreate him swinging into action — is currently available to preorder on Mezco’s website, too. He’ll set you back $US80 ($104), but won’t ship until after the convention is over. He’ll also only ship to the US, so you’ll have to use a mail forwarding service for this one. [Mezco]

Hasbro Monopoly Gamer Edition

Does the world need yet another edition of Monopoly? Nope. But Hasbro’s latest incarnation of the game brings some new elements to the (dining room) table. In addition to Super Mario Bros. tokens that each have their own special powers, it has players collecting coins instead of money, and battling enemies instead of bankruptcy. Available come August for $44.99, the game can also be expanded with $5.99 Power Packs that introduce additional character tokens with new powers to help keep the game interesting. But if you can’t wait a month, you can pick up the Collector’s Edition exclusively at EB Games right now for $64.99, which includes a bonus Bowser token. [Hasbro]

Play Arts Kai Variant Black Panther

Square-Enix is best known as the guardian of Final Fantasy, which is probably why its latest Marvel action figure reminds us a little less of T’Challa the Black Panther and more of Cecil Harvey in his Dark Knight uniform from Final Fantasy 4. But still, this seriously armoured up Black Panther looks pretty damn awesome. Like all of the Play Arts Kai figures, T’Challa comes with alternate hands splayed out in clawed grips, ready to pounce on his nearest enemies, as well as two vibranium daggers for him to use when he isn’t slashing the hell out of fools. He’ll be available in Japan this October for ¥14,800 ($171). [Toyark]

Cozmo Code Lab

When Anki, best known for its intelligent slot car racers, expanded its product line with a small autonomous robot named Cozmo, we were blown away by how adorably lifelike and engaging the tiny bot could be. The company is now positioning Cozmo as more than just a desk companion. Its accompanying app has just been updated with full-on programming capabilities, courtesy of the MIT Media Lab and Google’s Scratch Blocks project, allowing kids to control not only what Cozmo does, but also how the little bot thinks and processes the world. Unfortunately Cozmo is still unavailable outside the US. [Anki]

Hasbro Furreal Roarin’ Tyler Tiger Pet

Robots haven’t quite reached the point where they can handle all of our household chores. But they can more than satisfy a kid who’s been begging for a cat, dog or tiger, but clearly has no interest in all the responsibility of pet ownership. Hasbro has expanded its Furreal line, a series of expressive robotic pets, with a new tiger named Tyler that can move its head, ears, mouth and tail; open and close its eyes; crouch; and roar. Available this spring for $US130 ($169), it responds to touch using sensors on its forehead, muzzle and back, and it comes with a rubber chicken that can be used for tug-of-war battles. No feeding, walking or potty training required.

Aliens Hadley’s Hope Set

The moment Aliens fans have been waiting for is finally here: NECA has officially announced its first-ever action figure of Weyland-Yutani stooge Carter Burke, AKA Paul Goddam Reiser. Included as part of a special “Hadley’s Hope” box set that also includes a Xenomorph based on James Cameron’s original concept art for the Alien design, with a translucent head and a darker colour scheme, as well as a graffiti-covered Hadley’s Hope sign. But seriously, you’re here for Paul Reiser, right? Look at that jacket. Look at that facial expression. Look at that hair. It’s amazing, and it will be out this October. [NECA]