The Actor Who Plays Game Of Thrones’ Hot Pie Has A Real Bakery And Sells Direwolf Bread

All images: Deliveroo

On this past week’s episode of Game of Thrones, we finally learned what happened to Hot Pie, the reformed bully who found his true calling as a baker and whom we last saw in season four. As fate would have it, Ben Hawkey, the actor who plays Hot Pie, has been busy in the kitchen as well.

Timed to launch with the premiere of Game of Thrones‘s seventh season, Hawkey’s partnered with food delivery app Deliveroo to open You Know Nothing Jon Dough, a pop-up bakery in the UK that sells direwolf-shaped loaves of bread that really only exists because of the pun. And, ok, it’s a solid pun.

According to Hawkey, who I’m 100 per cent certain bakes each and every single one of these adorable biscuit monsters, the loaves are a the product of his very own secret recipe that involves a hint of orange zest and results in finely-shaped wolf loaves with crusty outer shells. Game of Thrones fans living in the UK can order the bread, but high demand seems to be periodically making the bakery inaccessible on the app, but on the bright side, each loaf only costs £1.