How To Watch Tesla's Big Model 3 Unveiling In Australia

Image: Tesla

On Saturday afternoon, Tesla will hand over the first 30 of its brand new, (comparatively) affordable Model 3 all-electric sedans to the first of hundreds of thousands of pre-order holders. Here's how you can tune in and watch along, whether it's either to see just what the new car is like or to see whether it's worth putting your money down for.

The Model 3 is a much-anticipated vehicle, there's no doubt about that. Before the shape and design and rough specifications and price of the Model 3 were even announced to the world, Tesla banked 373,000 pre-orders sight unseen — and has continued to take orders beyond that.

The new car, pegged at a starting price of $US35,000, is essentially a smaller version of Tesla's existing Model S luxury sedan — a four-door, all-electric car with one or two electric motors and a giant battery pack 'skateboard' sitting at the base of the car. Tesla boss Elon Musk has teased a few things about the Model 3, most interestingly the fact that it won't have a conventional dashboard, speedometer or instrument cluster — just a single centrally mounted display.

When to watch: The livestream will kick off at 1:45PM AEST (NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, Tasmania) on Saturday 29th July. That's 3:45PM NSZT, for any readers across the ditch. Expect Tesla's press conference and event to start a little late and run a little long, as they have done in the past.

Where to watch: We'll share a link to the livestream and embed it in this post as soon as Tesla shares it with us. We'll also be live-blogging the final unveiling and handover right here on the site too, so stay tuned. [Tesla]

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