Scott Ludlam Resigns From Parliament And The Greens Over Dual Citizenship

Image: Supplied

Scott Ludlam, co-deputy leader of the Federal Greens and perhaps the strongest advocate for the video game industry in Australia, has resigned from his party and the Federal Parliament effective immediately.

The former senator announced his resignation after being informed that he was ineligible for elected office. According to a statement published on his Twitter, Ludlam has a dual Australian-New Zealand citizenship, thereby disqualifying him from standing for a seat in the Federal Parliament.

"This was my error, something I should have checked when I first nominated for preselection in 2006," Ludlam announced on Twitter. "I have no wish to draw out the uncertainty or create a lengthy legal dispute, particularly when the Constitution is so clear," he added.

The full statement can be viewed below.

The question of citizenship has come up in the Australian parliament before, with people questioning former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in recent years over whether he had renounced his British citizenship. Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was also required to renounce her dual citizenship before standing for parliament, while Jackie Kelly in 1996 was forced to recontest her seat in 1996 after it was revealed that she was a dual citizen.

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