Pun Of The Day Award Goes To Pharrell Williams And His ‘Tuniversity’

Pun Of The Day Award Goes To Pharrell Williams And His ‘Tuniversity’

While not the most unique play-on-words ever convinced, it’ll certainly serve performance artist Pharrell Williams and his new endeavour well — an “education company” publishing interactive ebooks that reverse-engineer Williams’ songs and show you how to make them in Apple’s GarageBand.

On the surface, it’s a neat idea. The book is $6.99 via iTunes and contains screencasts, videos, widgets that’ll take you though the deconstruction and reconstruction of Williams’ “Happy”.

“No background in music” is necessary, according to the description.

As Williams’ explains, “when you know a song you’re kinda halfway there”:

…so literally we can take it apart piece by piece, give you the patterns that you know, the chords, the bass line, the drums — because you already know the song. You don’t need to be a music teacher to teach through this book. You just have to be curious and interested.

It won’t make you a millionaire music producer overnight (or perhaps ever), but he does have a point — it’s an easy way to learn more about music and how it’s made, even if the primary instrument is an iPad rather than a guitar or piano.