Overheating Digital Camera? Just Stick A Heatsink To It, Like This Guy Did

A smartphone can get toasty playing graphics-heavy games in warm weather. An overclocked CPU will complain if insufficiently cooled. But an overheating digital camera? Turns out that while unusual, it can happen, as was the case for Eric Strebel and his Lumix GF7. Rather than do something normal like replacing it, Strebel decided to stick a giant heatsink to it instead.

Strebel, an industrial designer, explains his reasoning in the clip above. Apparently the GF7 was prone to overheating while recording video. Instead of getting something new, Strebel scrounged an aluminium CPU heatsink and using piano wire, attached it to the excessively-hot gadget.

A bit of milling was required to match the heatsink's dimensions to that of that camera, but as you can see from the video, it makes for a snug fit.

I can't comment about the practicality of such a modification, but I guess if you have the skills and materials (and don't mind the risk of damaging the camera), it's a cheaper alternative to upgrading.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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