Nvidia GeForce Experience Is Finally Adding Multi-Track Audio Recording

Image: Nvidia

If you like to capture your PC gameplay, but don't care enough to use some serious software like Xsplit or OBS, Nvidia's GeForce Experience has some pretty decent gameplay recording — with one big flaw. Up until now, at least. It's finally getting a much-needed update with the ability to balance in-game audio with your mic, with separate track recording.

The beta of GeForce Experience — you'll need to enable experimental features in your GFE control panel — now lets you choose the capture volume of your system sounds — so that's all your in-game audio, although it's not process-specific — and also choose a microphone to capture audio input from as well, and the volume of that mic as well as a gain boost on top of that if necessary.

Until now, GeForce Experience recording has been... basic at best.

You can also choose to have the tracks recorded separately for you to mix together later in some proper editing software like Premiere Pro — although that begs the question why you wouldn't use something more hardcore and fully-featured with more audio nuance like Open Broadcast Software in the first place.

As someone that uses GeForce Experience recording as an easy go-to to catalogue their many PUBG failures, but — like you can hear in that last one — doesn't care enough to balance mic and in-game sounds properly, this is a nice bonus. Thanks, Nvidia. [GeForce]

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