No, Your Kids Aren’t Getting Sick From Wi-Fi At School

No, Your Kids Aren’t Getting Sick From Wi-Fi At School

Despite growing fears among parents, children’s exposure to radiowaves from Wi-Fi in schools and kindergartens is between 50 and 1000 times smaller than international guidelines for health, according to new Australian research.

The two separate studies from NSW and Victoria found personal exposure to radiowaves was no greater than TV or radio, and well below any levels of concern.

“With the increasing use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi enabled devices in schools, there has been a growing concern among parents regarding RF-EMR exposure from Wi-Fi and potential effects on their children’s health,” the researchers say, pointing out that until recently there has been little data available regarding children’s Wi-Fi exposures.

In 2016, environmental and far-field personal RF-EMR exposures [88 megahertz (MHz)-5.8 GHz] in 20 kindergartens across Melbourne were surveyed. The survey also involved personal RF-EMR exposure measurements in children.

In 2017, ARPANSA published the environmental (classroom and schoolyards) Wi-Fi exposure levels measured in 23 schools in Victoria and New South Wales, and had similar results.

The researchers hope this study can help calm the fears any parents may have about their children’s exposure to radiowaves in schools.