Nest Protect, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor: Australian Price & Release Date

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Nest just launched in Australia, and its Google-connected, Alphabet-backed smart home products want to make your life safer and more comfortable. Here's how much you'll pay for one or more of Nest's new connected home gadgets, and when and how you'll be able to get hold of one.

One important note: the new Nest Cam IQ isn't being sold in Australia at launch, nor is the original Nest Learning Thermostat.

Nest Protect

Image: Nest

The Nest Protect is a connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that's a lot more serious than your regular $15 Bunnings special when it comes to monitoring the air inside your home. Its industrial-grade smoke sensor isn't too different to the one you'd find in a regular smoke alarm, though; what's different is all the extras that it packs in. The Protect checks itself regularly, has an internal microphone and speaker for two-way communication, and can be entirely controlled from your phone -- and also lights up a dark empty room with a soft night light when it detects motion.

The Nest Protect will be $189 in Australia, and it's on sale from today.

Nest Cam Indoor

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The microUSB-powered Nest Cam Indoor is a Wi-Fi connected, hard-wired (for power, at least) security camera with a 130-degree wide-angle lens and 1080p imaging sensor for daylight, low-light and night-time recording -- with the help of a bank of super-bright infrared LEDs. Nest's cameras also have a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can have a two-way chat with whoever's within around 6 metres distance of the camera itself.

Nest's Cam Indoor and Outdoor cameras have adjustable bit-rate streaming, so you can upload in 360p, 720p or 1080p depending on how good your 'net is and how many you have uploading simultaneously around your house. Bit-rates are dynamically adjusted on the fly, too, so you'll get a lower bandwidth and more compressed video if your home internet upload is struggling.

The Nest Cam Indoor will be $319.95 in Australia, and it's on sale from today.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Image: Nest

The Nest Cam Outdoor has the exact same internal components as the Indoor version -- a 130-degree wide-angle lens and a 1080p HD image sensor, with the ability to zoom up to 8x digitally on live and archival video as well as the same infrared night vision. Because the Outdoor is hard-wired, it's actively capturing video and storing it in your Nest account for three hours (and for up to 30 days, if you're subscribed to Nest Aware), unlike entirely wireless outdoor cameras that activate based on motion or noise. It's also IP65 rated, so can handle some pretty seriously harsh weather conditions, and mounts to your wall with a solid magnetic puck.

The Nest Cam Outdoor will be $319.95 in Australia, and it too is on sale from today.

Nest Aware

Nest Aware is the cloud-based subscription service that ties together all of Nest's remote-recording security cameras, with 10 days of recording history that you can scrub through in real time on your phone, and the ability to pre-select activity zones (like doors or windows) for alerts. You can also add on extra cameras for 50 per cent of the original asking price for each extra subscription.

A monthly subscription to Nest Aware will set you back $14 a month, and you can start and stop the subscription any time you want -- which makes a lot of sense if you're going on holiday and want that extra peace of mind.

Where Can You Buy It All?

Now this is the interesting part. Nest is teaming up with iSelect to sell its products in Australia -- in something that iSelect is calling the "Life Admin Store". You'll be able to buy any of the Nest products outright, or bundled at a discount with iSelect's other partners like Optus, Sumo Power and Mate Communicate.



    Wired!! Pffft

      $320 for the wired webcam??? you've got to be kidding me. Isn't iSelect supposed to find you the BEST deal?

      Can't wait for Amazon to get to Australia!

      Just bought one on Amazon US for less than AUD$220.

      Last edited 13/07/17 1:42 pm

    This is great news. I was just about to replace my existing hard-wired alarms, so I will return the ones I bought from Bunnings, and have just ordered 2 wired alarms from iSelect. Now all 8 alarms will be on the same connected system, instead of 6 connected, and 2 non-connected.

    We get soo ripped off here in Australia (I know that isn't news).. On Amazon you can get an Indoor and Outdoor camera for $332. The "special deals" we have here we'll have to pay $588, 43% extra because...reasons... Hopefully when Amazon arrive they'll sell it as well and hopefully for a much cheaper price..

    You can get better PoE multi-camera setups for cheaper.

    These products seem overpriced. You are paying a huge premium for a user friendly experience.

    For example the outdoor camera:

    1. Most people don't have 2mbit+ upload to spare. There goes the cloud.
    2. 8x Digital zoom, all cameras have this, its digital not optical.
    3. 1080p is low for todays standards
    4. Its about 3x too expensive
    5. The two way audio is a gimmick, most people aren't glued to their phone to respond to a break in within minutes to tell them to leave. If you take 5 minutes to see the alert your stuff and the thieves are gone.

      1080p too low for today's standards??? I don't think so!

        A lot of cameras are 1440p now.

        For the price you would expect 1440p.

    Lost me at No Learning Thermostat :( It's the one thing Nest have that's clever & individual

      We don't have external thermostats for our air conditioners in Australia. It's kinda redundant.

        Yeah I had a look in the past and unfortunately it didn't seem support was all that common. Some units do support it though.

        @Campbell, I think you are mistaken, Nest work with any ducted system that uses 24v ac control plane similar used by Carrier etc.. Also I have that in my home in Sydney with the ducted system and a amazing product.
        It is not a external thermostat , it uses indoor temp, humidity and also inform outdoor weather details based on post code. It also have economy mode with low energy mode.
        Got amazing energy analysis and hope Local Actron air uses these since their app and wifi control system is absolutely a bad product.
        Real value of Nest coming to aus is to use their cloud storage system since before today you have to use US or UK time and pay on those countries.
        Aus prices are too expensive and people will import it from amazon..

    Will the Nest Protect be a certified smoke detector which will be recognised by Australian Fire Departments?

      I think you'll find the Nest Protect smoke alarms are approved to Australian Standard AS3786:2014 however I can't find them listed on the website and there is a disclaimer that the "voice messages do not comply with AS 3786:2014, Section 4.21".

      You must be also careful, since I believe the battery powered version is not compliant with the Queensland legislation as I believe the batteries are removable and will not last 10 years.

    It's worth noting that most insurance companies in Oz don't yet accept the Nest as a certified device so you'll still need need a normal old school smoke detector mounted right along side it for the foreseeable future....

      Interesting comment - I have not looked into this and I'd be keen to review any evidence you have to support this so I can keep my customers fully informed.

    Damn this seems pretty expensive!

    We setup a Hikvision home security camera system (3 PoE cameras, 1 Wifi camera and NVR with 4tb) for $1100

    Even the little Xiaomi XiaoFang or Smart Camera (whatever it's called) can be picked up for like $30. While not weather proof, as long as rain is kept off it, it would be fine.

    I like some of the features offered but no way am I buying these items from Google only to have them spy on me. Enough of that already using their browser etc.

    Does the Nest Aware price cover all your cameras, or is it a per camera cost in the same vein as the Netgear Arlo Continuous Video Recording option?

    If it covers all your cameras, then this looks like a pretty good deal. If it's per camera then NetGear seems to have a better value solution at face value.

    Also, no Nest IQ? We seem to be getting last season's tech here

    So, when Google shuts down Nest in 1/3/6 years time, all these devices stop working? Or can you hook them up to your own server?

      Yeah, there are a heap of smart home setups such as OpenHAB and HomeAssistant that are have Nest integration.
      Most of what you pay for with a system like Nest is that it just works. No scripting, no setting up Raspberry Pis as servers.

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