Misty Knight Is Coming To Iron Fist's Second Season To Show Danny Rand What's What

The next season of Netflix's Iron Fist show just a hell of a lot more interesting — because Marvel just confirmed that the cast is getting an upgrade in the form of one of the best parts of another Netflix show: Luke Cage's Misty Knight.

Image: Marvel/Netflix

Confirmed at the Defenders panel currently running at San Diego Comic-Con, we knew a second season of Iron Fist was inevitable, but Misty's addition to the cast is a welcome surprise. In the comics, Misty has a history with Danny, and for a considerable while, was in a romantic relationship with him.

That probably isn't going to be the case for now in the show, given Danny's burgeoning relationship with Colleen Wing — so it's likely that Misty will serve as a bridge between the worlds of Iron Fist and Luke Cage after the two partners-in-punching-people first meet during the events of the Defenders. But Misty's arrival in Iron Fist does mean one cool thing: My dream of Colleen Wing and Misty Knight teaming up on the small screen to recreate their comic book arsekicking/investigative duo better known as the Daughters of the Dragon is getting one sweet step closer to reality.

We'll bring you more on all the news from the Defenders Comic-Con panel as it happens.

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