Logitech G433 And G233: Australian Price & Release Date

In the market for a funky new headset for your gaming PC? Logitech has two new headsets that might tick all the right boxes: lightweight, durable, removable microphone, surround sound, in a variety of different colours. As long as they actually sound good, at least.

Here are the salient details for the G433 7.1: you'll get yourself DTS Headphone:X surround sound on PC when you use the G433's included USB headphone adapter, although you'll have to install Logitech's Gaming Software to use it. That surround sound is pumped out through Pro-G speaker drivers which have an open back, which usually means better sound quality than closed cans at the cost of a little bit of sound leakage. They're lightweight at 259 grams, they have swappable cables to be used with console or PC or smartphone, and the boom microphone is entirely removable, so you can wear them outdoors in a pinch. Three colours: royal blue, fire red and triple black.

The G233 Prodigy is a little bit cheaper and doesn't include that surround sound adapter, but you still get a removable mic and support for console and PC gaming alike. That microphone, by the way, is Discord certified, so that's a point in its favour for clarity during your PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds group chat. The G233 will set you back $129.95 in Australia when it's out some time in July, while the G433 will be $169.95. [Logitech]

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