Legends Of Tomorrow's Hilarious New Trailer Sends Earth's Mightiest Misfits Through Time And Space

Considering how season two of Legends of Tomorrow turned the show into one of the best, goofiest shows on TV, I'm very pleased to report that season three looks like more of the same in a very good way.

Honestly, everything about this new trailer is a gosh darn delight. With the team having majorly messed time up to save the day at the end of season two, there are now more aberrations than ever for the Legends to hunt down and then lovingly bumble their way through fixing — which means even more adventures across time, from circus japes to a mysterious evil that Rip Hunter (yes, he's back) has been hiding from the team ever since they came together.

Also: bless this show for constantly plundering Victor Garber's filmography for jokes. That Titanic bit is solid gold.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to TV October 10.

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