Kyle MacLachlan Making A Twin Peaks Bento Box On Japanese TV Is About As Bizarre As Twin Peaks

Video: Uh... yeah. This does what it says on the tin — it's an unknown video from some Japanese TV show or informercial, showing Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan creating a bento box that is ostensibly Twin Peaks-themed. I have my doubts. Also, this is weird as hell.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by LostDogs10, features MacLachlan assembling the traditional and sometimes very decorative Japanese boxed lunch. Now, I don't believe shoving a full hamburger into a bento box is at all normal, but I admittedly don't know enough about the subject to say definitively. I do know, however, that a slice of cheese cut out to resemble a coffee cup is really stretching the term "Twin Peaks-themed".

And this was supposedly to promote Twin Peaks in Japan? What was the plan here? "Let's have the star make a deeply mediocre lunch to promote this show about murder, Log Ladies, creamed corn, and whatever the hell that person was who was trapped in the dresser knob." Honestly, I'm shocked this footage has not made it into the new season of TV show.

If you check out this version of it, it looks VHS-y as hell, and the segment looks like its was filmed in the '90s, too. I'm still suspicious — like maybe they dug up old footage to promote the new show? I welcome more answers in the comments.

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