Jodie Whittaker Is Doctor Who's Next Doctor

Image: Still via Youtube

After months and months of rumours, speculation, and flat out waiting, we finally know who is taking on the TARDIS as the thirteenth Doctor in season 11. Ladies and gents, say hello to your new Time Lord: Jodie Whittaker, the first woman in Doctor Who's 54-year history to land the title role.

Revealed at the end of today's Men's Final at Wimbledon, Whittaker -- best known to international audiences for her roles in both Attack the Block and more recently as Beth Latimer in crime drama Broadchurch, created by incoming Who showrunner Chris Chibnall -- will make her first appearance in Doctor Who during this year's Christmas special, which will see Peter Capaldi bow out his time on the show in an adventure with the very first Doctor, played by An Adventure in Space and Times's David Bradley. Here's the short clip that premiered to celebrate the announcement, featuring Whittaker's Doctor (perhaps not in her actual costume) finding her key to the TARDIS:

We might get a few more teasers of the 13th Doctor at San Diego Comic-Con, but for now, tell us what you think about Whittaker's monumental arrival in the comments below.

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    its about time, I might start watching again, as long as the stories are OK. The last doctor I couldnt stand, and the stories were terrible !

      There were some ho-drum stories, but then there were some real heart wrenchers and deep episodes. If you really want to see what the 12th was all about, watch the episode "Heaven Sent" Season 9 Episode 11. Another good one is "The Husbands of River Song" , Season 9 Episode 13. Season 10 has been filled with a few more plot fillers than I would have hoped, but there were some decent stories here too: Episodes 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 were all quite brilliant IMO.

    Nice. I think they need to scruff her up a bit though, at least with those clothes, seemed a little out of place having perfect hair with scruffy boots and a coat, after pulling a hood down. But let's wait and see what the final look is like. Possibly just a callback to the Capaldi look, though he had different boots.

      They've already said she's not wearing the Doctor's clothes in those previews. Which is a bit annoying. But I think they are trying to hold off on everyone scrutinising the wardrobe before the show even starts.

        They probably won't have a proper "look" for her until the year? Whenever her first season is.

    Well this is going to set a lot of people off.
    *grabs the popcorn*
    Seriously though I might actually watch Dr Who for once.

    Oh wow, quite surprising to be honest. Well if that's what the creators of the show intended then we will see how it turns out. Hopefully they won't go down the path of Paul Feig.

      What on earth does Paul Feig have to do with anything at all?

        All girl Ghostbusters reboot

          What on earth does an all girl Ghostbusters reboot have to do with Doctor Who?

            It concentrated so much on being a beacon of feminism that it forgot to be a good movie and Paul Feig kept blaming the fans who just refused to like a bad movie.

    As long as the part is written well it'll be fine.
    The worst thing they could do would be to cast a good actress and then give her a character/story/script that is only good about 50% of the time like they did with Bill.

      Hopefully, they wrote all the scripts without telling any of the writers who the new doctor would be, then there won't be any mention of the gender swap and the show will just go on. Personally, I don't want them to even say anything about it until her second season, then she can meet some old allies and have them scratching their heads. Let the first season just be the Doctor for the Doctor's sake.

    I'm waiting for the massive hoo-ha "you cant have a woman doctor", etc.

    But lets not forget that the same thing happened with Missy and people accepted the awesomeness that she was.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Jodie does. She has a good look for the Doctor, so I reckon it will be good :)

    What's going to happen with River Song, the Dr's wife? I guess her previous existence we just be ignored.

      David Tennant was the last doctor to see River Song in her time stream.
      and Peter Capaldi was the last doctor to see River Song in the Doctors time steam.

      Since River Song is also a time lord (kind of), she wouldn't care, at all. That being said, River Song is likely out of the time loop now after "The Husbands of River Song" finished.

    I will judge this Doctor like all the Rest,

    On performance.

    As a female and a whovian I should be interested, but i honestly mostly i'm concerned this decision was made for the wrong reasons, i'm sad that one of my favorite shows has become a political play ground, and I want to say i'll walk away, but i wont, i'm going to watch and hope not to be disapointed. I'm actually disappointed at feminists, why can't we accept that a TV show has the right to have a strong male lead - there are tons of shows with female leads and so many more coming up - why do we need to attack this one? why do we value our worth on a long running TV show? also considering they have done a great job of making the female charters in the show strong and independent people we can be proud of as role models (and "human" rather than an alien i might add)

    I really want to be supportive of this, i'm sure shes an amazing actor and will give her very best plus I know every new doctor is criticized until we see them in action.

      Wrong reasons? What do you think their reasons were, besides "Jodie Whittaker is the best person for the role"?

        You're obviously baiting, QueenAurora is implying that she was chosen because mixing Genders is in vogue at the moment.

        Personally I don't care... Dr's don't have genders. She was great in Broadchurch and I wish her the best in Dr Who. To be fair, I'm not a fan of the series at all so I'm not sure why it's such a big deal to the very few who are upset at it.

          Thanks Fenix, Correct -

          If this ends up happening organically and with great story lines my fears will be for naught, and as the saying goes "i'll eat my hat" but if its done poorly as basically a stunt its not fair on the show or the actress

      You clearly don't want to be supportive of it when your comment started with "one of my favorite shows has become a political play ground, and I want to say i'll walk away". Why is casting a woman in a show that has had 12 leading men over 50+ years a political move? The Doctor is a character who can be played by anyone - young, old, straight, gay, white, black, man, woman - but somehow has been a white dude for 50 years and you're saying THAT'S not a political decision but putting a woman in the role is?

        It stems from the "Its the current year and why is this character now not a {Insert supposedly oppressed or otherwise minority here}" attitude that the oh so "progressive" crowds are spewing.

          Okay. But surely the inverse of that logic is making the equally political decision to put another white dude in the role? How is one line of thought more political or worse than the other? Is it because you feel that people who are saying "women need more representation in media" are being way louder than people saying "we should keep things how they have been for ages"?

            I think the push for change that is coming from one side is not out of the interests of the content but about their political and social agendas.
            I don't know about louder but you are more likely to be censored on mainstream media/social media if not a pinko.
            All in all I hope this change was made for the good of the content and I hope it succeeds, the last thing sci-fi needs is another failed Ghostbusters.

      Also if it WERE a political move why would that be a bad thing? Changing a show up by re-invigorating part of it (with new casting choices or new locations or new anything) is an integral part of running a show that goes for 50+ years. Bringing the show back in 2005 was political. Making Jack Harkness polysexual was political. Having the Doctor regenerate is political. All of that is fine but a woman in the title role? Ridiculous.

        Honestly I dont mind a female Doctor, but its the way things have been written that I feel makes it politcal and creates the wrong focus IMO. For the sake of continuity it could have easily at least been explained away as 'oh The Doctor got a new regen cycle (The Master did from the time war) and time lords science and technology has advanced to the point that regeneration encompasses more changes. But no, it had to be a retroactive change.

        Moffat insists on trying to be controversial; is having a white middle aged man transform into a black woman, having the Master reappear as a woman, and having the convenient conversation about 'not really having concept of gender ('oh time lady please') not direct enough? The controversy feels deliberately cheap. To be honest it's not just limited to gender stuff, as it feels like a Moffat thing, even with plots and relationships, where he puts less attention into continuity or writing quality and lays the emotional elements (The Lodger and Closing Times finishes pretty much encapsulate his typical themes iMO) and'political messaging' on thickly.

        Characters like Jack (yes I know he was introduced in a Moffat ep) and other LGBT stuff were generally done more light heartedly and effectively in Davis' era (in comparison Vastra and Jenny take every opportunity to remind us that they're married for example), and i personally think Moffat has dropped the ball. that said I will watch this and give her a chance, and hopefully Moffat's successor makes up for it.

        Last edited 18/07/17 8:53 pm

      i'm sad that one of my favorite shows has become a political play ground

      Become? It's been one since it's inception. That's half the point of the show. It's been blasting conservatism and promoting progressive values since the very first episodes. It was even considered unusually progressive behind the scenes, having a female producer, female opening theme musician, and gay Asian male director.

      54 years they've been doing this, what's with all the people acting surprised now?

    Mythologies frequently represented the divine as deities with human forms and qualities. They resemble human beings not only in appearance and personality; they exhibited many human behaviors that were used to explain natural phenomena, creation, and historical events. The deities fell in love, married, had children, fought battles, wielded weapons, etc Some anthropomorphic deities represented specific human concepts, such as love, war, fertility, beauty, or the seasons. Anthropomorphic deities exhibited human qualities such as beauty, wisdom, and power, and sometimes human weaknesses such as greed, hatred, jealousy, and uncontrollable anger. The Times Lords within the Who Universe fall within this category but the personification of Dr Who by a female does not continue to portray the anthropomorphism conferred upon the character by what historically has been a male targetted audience but deigns to recreate an anatheism of an iconic figure

    I never cared for this show, so the announcement doesn't impact me in the slightest. That being said, it's nice to see someone in the acting game recognised for their efforts and given what will be a popular role, which is commendable.

    Still waiting for all the SJW idiot types to start complaining that Jodie, while being a woman, is not a woman of colour. Because remember kids, being oppressed is a competition!

      That being said, it's nice to see someone in the acting game recognised for their efforts and given what will be a popular role, which is commendable.
      I am not sure that's how it works.
      I think the producers, maybe a writer or two, decide what the next season will look like and then fill the acting roles.

      No mater how good she is, if they decided on a man for the next season, she'd not have a chance.

    Best female doctor since Joanna Lumley (The Curse of the Fatal Death - 1999, Stephen Moffat)

      Not Canon I'm afraid :-)

    I'm equally supportive of both male leads an female leads regardless of the show or movie.......however this does feel like a "Political Correctness" move.

    Why can't everyone just accept the fact that the original Dr Who was male and has been male for every regeneration since the inception of the show......there's nothing wrong with maintaining that paradigm and staying consistent with the shows roots/history.

    Hopefully this move will pan out well with better written scripts and breath new life into the show .......will be good to see some better companions and more mature storylines.

      This precept is beyond recognition by some of the posters here, since inception Dr Who has targetted a predominately male audience by providing a strong imaginative male role model, a role model mind you that I would suspect a lot of the audiience may have been lacking in real life due to the socio econiomical environment of those times. I can only guess at the number of young boys that would get home from school and watch Dr Who, and marvel and be inpired by the far fetched concepts portrayed the media providing escapism. However it seems to me any who support the notion that the Dr should remain male seem to be tagged as sexist or have a tendency towards misogyny. The same topic was raised severtal years back and soon was knocked on it's head, the BBC even conducted surveys whcih suported a male Dr., yet now moving towards a female Dr can only be construed in my opinion like it or not as politcal correctness gone mad.

    I love Doctor Who, and I think this move is long overdue. The Doctor as a character has been developing in new and different ways, and I definitely think he/she is ready to explore this side of him/herself.

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