Game Of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers: Here's Every Plot Leak

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Spoilers within!

Our cousins over at Deadspin's The Concourse blog have a concise three-paragraph explanation of the plot of season seven of Game of Thrones, as detailed by Reddit user awayforthelads in an apparently leak at the end of last year.

We can't say for sure whether these leaks are accurate, and it's definitely not a foregone conclusion considering that another Reddit user called them entirely made up, but enough of the timeline of events seems to line up.

We'll have more certainty as the news from the show's debut episode finishes airing this morning, but for now, that Reddit post should serve as your crib notes for the final season's plot if you don't particularly care about following along with every single episode as it airs.


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    1 episode in and it's spot on word for word

      just watching the trailer after reading about it tells us that the plot leaks are real. xD the cast slamming on those who leaked the plot confirmed it even more.

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