Here's Overwatch Running On A Handheld PC

GIF: Youtube (Chase Cobb)

If you can take Mario Kart and Breath of the Wild on the train, then why not Overwatch?

For the last few months, Chase Cobb has been working on a prototype project: a gaming PC that was "ultra portable". Called Project Scout, it's a portable PC with a i3-6100U CPU (with a HD 520 onboard GPU) and 8GB of RAM into a tiny unit with a 7-inch 1280x800 panel. There's a 250GB SSD in there for storage, along with Bluetooth support and dual band AC Wi-Fi.

The prototype unit doesn't have a battery or a touchscreen, and Cobb says in the video that the hardware isn't the final package yet. That's important, because you can see in the video that it doesn't run Overwatch at a flat 60fps, although games like Psychonauts and Guacamelee look playable enough. The device is also capable of acting as a client for Steam's streaming service (if you wanted to offload the grunt work from your main gaming PC).

He notes that it seems like a perfect device for Nvidia's new Max-Q engineering design, and it'd be fascinating to see what could be done with AMD's Ryzen-based APUs when they become commercially available later this year. Cobb noted in the YouTube comments that a Kickstarter campaign could be an option down the road, although it's very early days and with the existing hardware it would still cost more than a Switch or a regular console.

But let's run a little thought experiment for a second. If someone came to you and said here's a portable, Switch-esque gaming PC that would run basically all indie games and Overwatch at a flat 60fps on a small-ish screen at 720p, how much would you be prepared to pay?

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