Gumtree Just Had A Shiny New Makeover

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Gumtree has been around for 10 years now - and was well overdue for an upgrade.

But it's not just a new look for the site - it's going to be faster and easier to use, with a whole bunch of new features added.

Gumtree is promising improved search functionality and speed - including make, model, colour attribute selection in cars; clothing and shoe size attributions and smart category redirects for certain keywords.

If you're selling on the site, there are multiple improvements including the ability to save drafts. You can attatch photos in "My Messages". There's a new "Jobs" app.

One of the biggest changes is the payment options - there's now the option of cash or peer to peer payments with Paypal.

Customer support has been given a boost too, with 24/7 live chat.

"This is the most significant step in Gumtree's 10 years in Australia," said Martin Herbst, General Manager of Gumtree Australia.

"As with all changes we make at Gumtree, the rebrand has been driven by user feedback. While we knew our users were ready for a sleeker and more contemporary design, a rebrand has to be more than a new lick of paint. We wanted to ensure we addressed some of the areas our users, and non-users, said could improve their experience on our site and in our community."




    I wish they'd bring back the RSS functionality. I hardly buy anything through Gumtree anymore whereas I used to buy stuff all the time because I was able to easily see new items.

    Anyway for users to tick a box which says "Yes, I will claim I am interesting in buying your item, but when I arrive to exchange I will try and obtain a lower price by claiming I didn't bring enough money with me and/or the item has undisclosed defects only visible to me"?

    It would save a heap of time if we could have that clear from the get-go....

    awesome, going to be so much easier to fence those stolen goods...

    Before you all have a go at me, go search for lego and tell me how the same people can sell sets 30% cheaper than retail on release day - even big w cant buy them cheaper than they're being sold. ...and entire collections for 1/3 the price.

    The place is dangerous and really works in favour of the less savoury

    And i haven't been able to start the app up since it updated. Just sits at the loading screen....

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