General Leia Is Getting The Badarse Star Wars Action Figure She Truly Deserves

General Leia Is Getting The Badarse Star Wars Action Figure She Truly Deserves
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In The Force Awakens, we learned Leia Organa had spent the 30 years since Return of the Jedi kicking arse and taking names as the head of the Resistance. But even though it’s been over two years since the movie, the mighty General has yet to get an action figure of her awesome, elder self. Hasbro’s finally decided to change that — and she isn’t coming alone.

All Images: Cheryl Eddy

A brand new wave of 15cm scaled Black Series action figures were unveiled at the company’s Star Wars-themed panel yesterday, giving us new toys from across the film saga to gleefully spend cash on in the not too distant future. We already saw the Force Awakens/Last Jedi Resistance Rey at Hasbro’s preview event earlier this week, but joining her will be a Rebel Trooper from Rogue One and A New Hope, who even comes with a copy of the Death Star plans to pass on before being murdered by Darth Vader:

Here’s The Force Awakens‘ Maz Kanata, whose diminutive stature as a toy will be made up for in the accessory department in the the form of a giant treasure chest, including Luke’s old lightsaber and other trinkets:

A “realistic” rendition of Clone Wars‘ Captain Rex, complete with removable helmet:

And, of course, the good General herself, who looks fantastic:

Like Lor San Tekka, to us she may always be royalty, but it’s about damn time General Organa got the battle ready action figure we’ve wanted ever since we first saw her in The Force Awakens.