Game Of Thrones' First Casualty Was Foxtel Now

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Who would have expected that the first death during the seventh season of Game of Thrones would be the pay TV network charged with distributing it digitally around Australia?

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Foxtel Now, the revamped IPTV component of the pay TV network that recently got an HD streaming upgrade, fell over tonight when it came around to Game of Thrones o'clock.

Internet Outages shows a massive jump for outage reports for Foxtel since 6PM today, and that can only be attributed to one thing: the massive surge in customers trying to log on, some for the first time, to watch the 8:30PM broadcast of Game of Thrones.

Here's some honest feedback from one of our (understandably annoyed) readers, who emailed in to share their displeasure:

Dear Foxtel, if you are reading this, hire some capacity planners. Unprecedented demand should have been planned for when you are the sole owner of the license for distribution of the most popular TV show ever?

You finally give us the chance to come clean and legally try to watch a show, but then fall flat because of capacity issues which should have been foreseen.

If you don't pile on the number of servers to properly cater for capacity THIS WEEK with all the money in your coffers, i daresay that many wont give you a second chance after next week. All those 2 week free memberships will not come back as paying customers, and you wont have anyone else to blame.

Regards, unhappy new subscriber who may or may not have to revert back to 'other methods'.

And, of course, Twitter is ablaze with the wildfire of angry internet commenters:

Update: Foxtel has issued an apology through Facebook.

Foxtel has also made a similar statement in a press release, also sharing the blame with the show's producer HBO.

"Tonight’s global premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones has caused technical glitches around the world, with online sites crashing in the United States, Latin America and Australia.

The show’s producer and U.S. broadcaster, HBO, reported its technical systems could not cope and in Australia, the surge of demand for Foxtel’s recently launched online product, Foxtel Now, also experienced customer meltdown."

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    Can't wait to hear all those use it to justify piracy, as if they have never experienced high demand server issues ever before.

      Justify piracy or justify a better distribution model? I think nearly all will suggest the latter is implemented.

        Yes, Bring back individual episode downloads on itunes right after its aired. Like it used to be before foxtel stuck their heads up their rectums.

        At least my torrent downloaded instantly to my server and i was able to stream it instantly.

          yeah in doing so steal something that you couldn't wait eight weeks for. you think such a grand gesture would mean anything or change anything with Foxtel? I mean otherwise than just add another number to help them justify their legal stances, which in turn influences our internet to be censored (as has already started). so yay you got your luxury tv item now instead of waiting and paying a fair price for it.

            Oh man, Those blocks they are using. So hard to get past lol. I was paying a fair price for it. I paid for the entire season on Itunes and it would come out immediately after the episode aired. But you know.... Then foxtel happened.

            But please, Do continue to white knight for foxtel. Not gonna affect my torrenting and streaming at all :)

              who is white knighting Foxtel? I hate it and Murdoch. You can keep torrenting it and continue being a hypocrite because ultimately it has no negative effect on Foxtel, but merely strengthens their legal standing and justification and make it even less likely they will return to the way it used to be. Thats what I dont understand, steal if you want but its changes nothing, other than you ending up with something for free because you cant wait eight weeks.

                The white knight is strong with this one. So straight edge!

                  Here it goes again. Paraphrasing comments to suit itself. I'm beginning to wonder if you can read at all or do you get Siri/Cortana to read it out to you???

                  Commenter tells you what they think about Foxtel but that is ignored so you can have a dig. My hero!!!

                  If you have an intelligent rebuttal then make it; calling someone names is a poor and dirty debate tactic.

                  If you actually read the reply he isn't a fan of Foxtel at all, just a fan of not inflating piracy statistics for the sake of a TV show.

            Music piracy used to be really High. Then the music industry embraced services like spotify and Music piracy plummeted. Perhaps Foxtel and the wider industry should take note. Alchohol prohibition did not work, Neither will trying to legislate against piracy.

            How's it going up there on that pedastal? I, along with the other pissed off customers, will go back to pirating. Foxtel is a joke and it was an absolutely terrible idea to lock GoT to only one distributor, whom can't even get their distribution right.

            I paid Foxtel for a service with the expectation that it performed as advertised. Foxtel, being fucking idiots, didn’t account for one of the most popular TV shows ever pulling a large amount of traffic their way, and it fell over.

            When piracy is superior to your broken distribution method, the problem is YOU. I paid my Foxtel Now subscription fee and didn’t even get to use it. HBO presumably got their money anyway.

      Perhaps HBO and Foxtel need to change their distribution model and not lock it down if they want to reduce piracy. Because as far as i can see, Since foxtels accuisition, The piracy rate of GoT in Aus skyrocketed. Good job foxtel!

      Hey! I got my sub for Foxtel Now! But I'm damn glad I had a backup plan.

    Why was it so difficult. Look at number of accounts. Plan for that many people.

    It's the first episode. Overestimate and have a service working better than it needs to. Put it down as marketing spend because if it worked it would have been great PR.

    Also the episode was available to stream before 8:30 on the app.

      Not a case of difficulty. They (HBO and/or Foxtel) just chose not to put the measures in place to stop this from happening.

    Just spent 2 hours trying to sign up for Foxtel Now and can't even sign into my account. FU Foxtel for another 10 years.................

    Foxtel gouging Aussies for decades makes it one of Australia''s most hated companies.

    "Who would have expected that the first death during the seventh season of Game of Thrones would be the pay TV network charged with distributing it digitally around Australia?"

    Answer: Everyone who read your last article that espoused the virtues of Foxtel and gleefully celebrated its changed logo as proof that it finally understood how to deliver a competent service. As everyone lamented just a few weeks back, Foxtel still has a long way to go before it has a service that it can be proud of, let alone one that customers will be happy with.

      it crashed HBO website and others well. Love that people are making this just about Foxtel. thats not a defence of Foxtel, but a merely statement of fact

        Ah well if HBO crashed as well that's fine lol. Of course it's about foxtel this is an Australian site and the article is about how foxtel crashed.

        The HBO website crashed, but their streaming service was still up and running just fine.

      It didn't espouse the virtues of Foxtel, mate. I get that it's trendy to hate Foxtel, but I'm not a bandwagon jumper. Foxtel Now *is* exactly what Foxtel has needed for a long time, *and* they also need to make sure it fucking works. Both things can be true.

        I've been using Foxtel Now for the last month and from a technology standpoint, it doesn't come close to Netflix.
        I managed to watch GoT but wasn't able to check out Taboo.
        The streaming quality was absolutely terrible compared to when I used to download an episode.
        Finding content on the service is quite difficult also.
        It's safe to say that I will drop the subscription as soon as the GoT season ends.

        Agreed that Foxtel needs a competent streaming service. They had "GO" for so long which sucked, you'd think they would have learnt a lesson or two with "Now".

        Between the high pricing compared to other vendors and a whoaful launch, it kind of backs up the "Foxtel" that the Australian community has become accustomed with for the past 20 years.... crud.

        I'm sure they'll learn their lesson and maybe in 5-10 years it could potentially be a solid offering, but I (and im sure many others) expected nothing less from them. They take baby steps when others are jogging to the finish line.

        Amusing to read this comment while it's surrounded on both sides by adverts for foxtel.

    Sat down at 7:30, signed up to Foxtel and was watching in two minutes, no dramas. Guess I was lucky? I have hated foxtel, but I was very impressed with the service as a whole. Here's hoping it was just a teething issue.

      I can echo that: my experience was seamless, for what it's worth. Granted, I was watching at 11pm and on demand, but it worked.

        Same here. Watched on demand at 8pm. No glitches at all. Ironically I had terrible stop/start speeds the night before watching a cooking show.

      I too had no issues; watched it at 4pm Perth time when I got home, on demand, thru the old Foxtel Play app on Xbox One that hasn't yet been updated to Now. Why was everyone sitting down to watch it together at like ~8.30? Wasn't the whole point of modern TV to not be beholden to pre-ascribed scheduling?

      And why weren't you all watching Australian Ninja Warrior at that time anyway??? :P

    Ahhh Foxtel .. we'll be explaining what you were to our descendants many years from now .. like a story about mythical creatires and dragons

    Looks like they have to rebrand the service to Foxtel Later.

    Maybe it's high time they finally replaced the IBM XT they are using with a actual cluster.

    It's amusing Foxtel tried to dump HBO in it with them in their press release, what they didn't mention is that HBO had the same issues 10 hours earlier....maybe giving Foxtel a small hint that they too were going to get slammed with new users....idiots

    I tried to sign up on Sunday. Received the confirmation email but my email wasn't recognised when I tried to log on. Live Chat person said it was a known fault and should be resolved by nights end but it wasn't.

    Called up Monday morning and had to have a tech reset my password on their end to get it to work.

    Was able to log in and watch as soon as I got home from work.

    Foxtel is is a scam, charging people exorbitant amounts of money for a shite service, this latest iteration of foxel is an epic fail, go back to piracy aussies, f**k US media companies, they make enough money anyway, I watched E2 maybe an hour after it aired, super high quality, no f**king ads, eat my crusty arsehole foxtel, if HBO want my business allow me to buy a subscription legally, otherwise f**k off and die.

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