Feast Your Eyes On Some New Jaeger Blueprints From Pacific Rim Uprising

Need some more Pacific Rim: Uprising hype in your life? How about some bomb-ass videos and blueprints of some of the Jaeger mechs that are going to star in the sequel to the best movie of all time?

There's a new, dedicated site for all your fangirling with info on the new mechs and a timeline of kaiju history. Pacific Rim is out on February 23, 2018 in Australia, so we've got some time to kill before previews tell us exactly how awesome it's going to be.

The video above, narrated by the same GlaDOS-esque voice as backed the original movie's mechs, shows off some awesome CG moves from some awesome-looking giant robots. And these blueprints below are nice and high-res, so they'll make a good wallpaper for your phone or PC.

From our friends at Universal:

A new generation of Jaeger Pilots will stand tall for all humanity. What is a Jaeger? It’s you, times a thousand. Witness the next evolution of human invention, with the unveiling of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps Mark VI Jaeger Program, and visit GOJAEGER.COM to discover if you have what it takes to join the biggest heroes ever to walk the Earth.

One day, the monsters will return.

[Go Jaeger / Pacific Rim]

Gipsy Avenger

Gipsy Avenger honors the heroic legacy of her namesake as the flagship leader of the Mark VI fleet. More than just a Jaeger, she is a symbol of hope to millions.

Bracer Phoenix

A Mark V brute that can still run with the VI’s, Bracer Phoenix shoots from the chest, with a centrifugal vortex cannon that is as spectacular as it is deadly.

Saber Athena

The sleekest and most elegant Jaeger ever created, Saber Athena is the fastest in the fleet, wielding twin blades in hyper-acrobatic combat.

Titan Redeemer

Built for brute force and armed with a seismic morningstar, Titan Redeemer is the walking wrecking ball of the new fleet.

Guardian Bravo

Designed for combat at range, Guardian Bravo wields the Elec-16 Arc Whip: a proto-metallic successor to the chainsword, and brings a new sophistication to the chainsword’s whiplash move.

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