Dumbarse Iron Fist Nearly Murders Stan Lee In Bizarre Netflix Ad

Dumbarse Iron Fist Nearly Murders Stan Lee In Bizarre Netflix Ad

Video: Ever sat down to bingewatch Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or Iron Fist and thought “Hey, what these shows really need is Stan Lee being driven around in a car and lurking creepily in the background” to yourself? Well my friends, does Netflix Korea have the trailer for you.

Image: Gif via Twitter

This completely absurd commercial released last night takes clips from all four current Marvel Netflix series — of which only one actually stars a hero that Stan Lee was involved in creating, like that’s ever stopped his name being put on everything Marvel before — and splices them around footage of Stan Lee being driven around New York, while he whimsically ponders on the humanity of superhumans.

It’s all very weird and twee, and I’m pretty sure ends in what could be a very brief shot from the upcoming Punisher show, with a bloodied Frank Castle donning his skull-clad bullet vest. But my favourite part by far is the moment that Stan “witnesses” from Iron Fist, the part from all the trailers where Danny uses his powers to calmly punch his way through a wall… except here he does it just as Stan drives by, which makes it look an awful lot like the Worst Iron Fist Ever nearly accidentally murdered a venerable Marvel legend.

To be fair, if Stan’s going to keep hanging around superheroes, he was bound to get hurt eventually. But on the other hand, if he was ever going to get hurt, of course it would be at the glowing hand of the clueless Danny Rand.