Does The Setting For Wonder Woman 2 Mean A Character Is Making An Unlikely Return?

Does The Setting For Wonder Woman 2 Mean A Character Is Making An Unlikely Return?

Ciarán Hinds talks playing Steppenwolf in Justice League. Ridley Scott says he has plans to re-introduce Ripley in the future Alien movies. A spooky figure returns for American Horror Story‘s next season. Plus, set footage from Luke Cage, and how Star Trek: Discovery is sticking to Trek canon. To me, my spoilers!

Wonder Woman 2

Both Screen Rant and The Wrap report they have learned Wonder Woman 2 will be a period piece, but not the one you’re expecting: Instead it will be set in the 1980s, with Diana going up against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Both sites also mention that there’s a possibility that Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor — but don’t cover how he’d show up, considering Steve’s sacrifice in the climax of the first movie.

The Lion King

John Oliver will lend his voice to Zazu, the put upon red-billed hornbill. [THR]

Justice League

Appearing on the Michael Ball Show, Ciarán Hinds revealed he didn’t share any of his scenes as Steppenwolf with a single member of the Justice League:

No, I don’t know whether they’re all afraid to come and meet me — no, no they weren’t, really. Because it’s imaginary, you do it with green screen… That was another challenge, you could say, yeah. But it was quite fun. And they’re very encouraging in what you do, suggesting ‘Over here, look over there, imagine that, do this here, they’re coming at you now.’

Hinds also revealed he didn’t even get to wear a costume on set:

I’m sorry I’m not in costume. I didn’t even have a costume when I was doing it. It’s all done in motion capture. So… they stick a helmet on your head, they put two cameras around, and they capture all your expressions, facial expressions. So basically, they’re going to concoct some kind of construction and they will use my facial expressions — eyes, mouth, voice — they will turn into this murderous, avenging Steppenwolf from the planet Apokolips, apparently. Who’s bent on Hell on Earth.

Alien 6

Taking a question from a fan, Ridley Scott discussed the possibility of bringing Ripley back to the franchise, specifically through seeing her potentially as a child with her parents:

We’re heading toward the back end of the first Alien so [using CG] may be feasible. I don’t think it will… but Ripley’s going to be somebody’s daughter. Obviously. We’re coming in from the back end. The time constraints, of what’s the time between this film, where we leave David going off heading for that colony, I think you’re probably two films out from even considering her.

Mission: Impossible 6

The production heads back to London as filming wraps in New Zealand, and celebrated with a picture of the cast looking… kind of miserable?

New Mutants

Filming has begun on New Mutants.


Concurrently, filming has wrapped on Rampage.

American Horror Story

Twisty the Clown will resurface in season seven, according to Ryan Murphy on Instagram.

Castle Rock

Bill Skarsgard has joined the cast in an unspecified role. [Screen Rant]

Star Trek: Discovery

Alex Kurtzman spoke to CNET about maintaining franchise continuity with the series, and honouring the elements of the original show:

If you are a fan of Trek you are going to see a lot of things which hearken back to the original series and elements of the original series… I’m not just talking plot, but the spirit of what that show was. We are going to be revisiting a couple of things on Star Trek: Discovery that I think people are going to find familiar. Without spoiling anything we are adhering to a timeline and sticking to the rules, but also I think finding some new areas and avenues that have only been alluded to, but never fully explored.

Ash vs the Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell revealed the show’s third season will introduce Ash’s daughter:

Wait until you see season 3, baby. It’s off the charts. We’re jumping off a cliff at the end. It will never be the same. The world will never be the same at the end of this season. There’s some big shit that happens — Ash’s daughter. Ash has a child. She’s in trouble. She’s a target. The demons are like the mafia. They go after your family. Not only has saved the world, now he has to raise a daughter — a teenager. An unruly teenager.

Once Upon a Time

Episode 2 of season seven is titled “A Pirate’s Life”.


The Zoo Crew investigate a mysterious cabal sterilising humans in the synopsis for episode five of season three, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”.

While Jamie’s under arrest, she manages to manipulate Mitch and Logan into helping her hunt shepherds, members of a secretive group responsible for sterilizing humans.

[Spoiler TV]

The Strain

On the flip side, Dutch escapes a breeding facility in the synopsis for episode four of The Strain‘s fourth season, “New Horizons”.

Dutch is forced to make a deal with Desai while she plots to escape a strigoi breeding facility. Eph and Alex seek to uncover the dark secrets behind the Partnership’s new plan but face the repercussion of their last attack. Gus and Creem face off against a gang encroaching on their turf.

[Spoiler TV]

Luke Cage

Finally, set footage depicts Luke walking around Crown Heights, Brooklyn in yet another bullet-ridden outfit.

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