Deals: A Steam Link For Just $27

Deals: A Steam Link For Just $27
Image: EB Games

Even if you don’t use it that often, being able to buy a Steam Link for only $27 is an astronomically good deal.

That’s the current offer at EB Games right now, and while it’s been running for a while it’s worth pointing out for anyone interested in streaming games to their living room. The Steam Link works best if your streaming PC and the Link box are both connected via ethernet, although if you’re not playing twitch shooters, fighting games or something like Dark Souls, the wireless connection works well enough.

Owning a Steam Link is a vastly more cost-effective solution for living room gaming than setting up a PC in the living room or buying a console, and it works well enough with console controllers from all platforms.

One small tip: if you have got a Steam Link, or $27 is too good a deal to ignore, make sure you grab a USB 2.0 hub to go with it. The Steam Link only has 2x USB ports, and it’s helpful to expand that a bit so you can have a mouse and keyboard connected (or a receiver for a wireless mouse and keyboard) in case anything goes wrong.