Can You Spot The Surface Book In These Pictures? Neither Could I

Image: Gizmodo

This is one corner of my little home office. In the lower left corner of the bookshelves, I have three or four shelves dedicated to some of the tech I keep long-term: a Surface Book, some Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi routers and the like. But I've been searching for the Surface Book for a couple of weeks, and couldn't find it.

It'd been worrying me for a little while — probably a couple of weeks. I knew I'd taken it out to take to the US on my trip to E3, but I ended up taking a new Surface Laptop instead. I'd put the Surface Book down somewhere and completely forgotten about it.

Want to know where it was?

In the centre stack, third shelf from the bottom, in between Teens and A Girl Of The Limberlost. No idea how it got there, but Surface Book is a pretty accurate name.

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