Brace Yourself: Facebook Messenger Ads Are Here

More than 1.2 billion people use Facebook's Messenger every single month - and until now, it's been pretty much the only place Facebook users haven't been hit with ads.

Yeah, that's all changing now.

"People already spend time on Messenger interacting and conducting commerce with businesses and brands they love," Facebook says, "and now with Messenger ads, they have an opportunity to discover experiences directly on their home tab."

Here's what you'll be seeing from today, slowly rolling out across all of Messenger's users as the current Beta program expands.

Messenger ads in the home tab of Messenger. When you tap on an ad, you will be sent to wherever the creator of the ad wants you to go - a website, online store, or seperate Messenger chat.

Click to Messenger ads. When you click on a Facebook, Messenger or Instagram ad, you can be send straight to a Messenger conversation with that business.

Sponsored messages. These will show up in your Facebook and Instagram feeds from businesses you've chatted with in Messenger in the past.

For businesses, you can now add Messenger to your campaigns. You can find out more about that here.



    Christ. They know they have a captive audience don't they?

    Well, thanks for that. First thing I did was go into the app store settings on all my devices and turned auto update apps off. Already have adverts in my main news feed for FB, which I can bare with, but in the messenger app, hell no.

    Kind of glad I deleted my account

      Same. Still, I will “brace myself” for the inevitable whining from my friends about this new “feature”

      Bunch of suckers. Maybe they’ll finally realise that they’re the product, when an app is free...

        I'm sure with an attitude like that your "friends" list is pretty small.
        Odd that for 60 years we have watched free-to-air television that got interrupted every twelve minutes with ads but when they same thing happens in the digital world, everyone gets all righteous and elitist.

          Oh, and Broadcasting Fee’s were a thing in NZ so, wrong yet again.

          Nice to know that you judge people on a few sentences written in the comments section on a tech website, I’m sure anyone else would state that it says a lot about who you are as a person.

          And “friends list”? I don’t have any social media accounts.

          For me at least the issue is the targeted advertising - it's invasive and in my mind unethical to use my interactions with friends, family and extended social networks as a means of profiling me. Facebook decides what you see and don't see on your feed and for many people (not myself) this is their main source of information on the world, which means Facebook can potentially control the public discourse, especially with the younger generation

    If this gets bad, I'll be more than happy to leave. There are countless options to use instead.

    I’m still using SMS for most of my messaging needs.

    I will never ever use a chatbot on messenger. TOS you agree that company can contact you for marketing after any interaction, so simple solution is to never use it.

    I wonder how they're going to ruin messenger to make it easier to "hide ads naturally"? Top News messenger?

    I only use FB Messenger because of crappy phone reception at home, and I can use this on my desktop / any device. If Google would just get off their arse and give Android a proper iMessage equivalent (!!!) I wouldn't even use FB Messenger.

      Telegram is great (

        It looks like it's just another messaging app but, and it means everyone I want to talk to also has to be using it? The good thing at least with Facebook is just about everyone I need to message is on Facebook, so it works.

        What I want is something that lets me just message, and like iMessage, it will send & receive through data for me, and for anyone else that isn't on Android it will just go through as a normal SMS.

    I removed the Facebook app from my phone and tablet many months ago after the advertising and spam on my feed made using it a chore, will happily do the same with Messenger if this ends up sticking (which it probably will). I still use it occasionally on desktop, where I can block most of the crap, but I suspect I'll deactivate my account completely sometime this year.

    Our lives are already so heavily saturated with advertising. I believe everyone has a breaking point, and I've reached mine. Dropping Facebook was genuinely difficult, but after a few weeks of not having handy access to it through my phone, I realised that I just don't need it. I felt like I had been duped for nearly a decade, I felt like a sucker for being so attached to something that was so unnecessary. I'm sure I'll feel the same about Messenger in a few short weeks.

    Many of Facebook's users have never experienced a world where businesses didn't have direct access to them via smartphone. They will tolerate the ad rollout on Messeger simply because they don't know any better, or any different.

      Yeah I turned off FB notification in the last couple of months.
      Ding!! "Person is going to an even near you tomorrow".
      Person I went to school with, haven't in several years, no desire to randomly contact them, event they are going to is 1500km away.
      ... and repeat, ding!
      Fark off!

    I use Disa on android as a messenger replacement (can still chat to people on facebook etc)

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