Arrow's New Trailer Tackles Oliver's Grief And The Return Of Black Siren

Of all the things the CW showed off at Comic-Con this year, Arrow had the least to show — but what it did promises that the explosive (literally) events of the last season's cliffhanger are going to enact a heavy toll on Oliver Queen.

Most of the new trailer actually comes from said finale, which saw Lian Yu violently explode with most of Oliver's friends and loved ones on it, the culmination of Adrian Chase's conflict with the Emerald archer. What's new is that we get to see very little in the way of who made it out alive — only Deathstroke and Black Sirn out of the potential victims get an appearance in the new footage — but we do see at least one major bit of fallout: Oliver's son William firmly places the blame for the horror at his father's feet.

Beyond the Oliver Queen pity party 2k17, we get a few more signs of havoc coming to Star City in season 6, mainly in the form of the returning Black Siren — who gets a kickass brawl with "her" replacement Dinah. We don't see it in the trailer, but I bet there'll be a lot of screaming involved.

Arrow returns to TV October 12.

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