An Amazon Bot Is Making The Greatest Smartphone Cases 

In what's either the best art project, the best business move, or both, someone has made what I presume is a bot that's churning out thousands of unique iPhone cases for sale on Amazon. Pretty much all of them are masterpieces.

Bots mocking up one-off products in the hope that just the right person comes along to buy it are nothing new. The bot behind "my-handy-design" is really, really, exceptionally terrible. And in its quest to slap stock photos onto cheap cases, it has succeeded in being the best smartphone case maker around.

Plenty of the image choices are banal, like "fishing on a lake before sunset cell phone cover case Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime G5306" or "Woman using a washer dryer macine cell phone cover case Samsung S5." Sometimes the banal ones acheive a sort of aesthetic beauty that could pass for found art. I'm a fan of the colours and composition on "mini fridge full of bottles of juice, soda and fruit isolated cell phone cover case iPhone5." User ratings on that particular model are split. One user says "very pixelated, bad quailty it broke :(," while another says "I like I like a lot ;)." I have to lean towards the user who used the winky face, they seem more trustworthy.

My-handy-design gets more disturbing when you get into all the medical stock photos. These are the cases for a special sort of person who doesn't care what people think of them, or enjoys making people uncomfortable. This is where my-handy-design really shines.

Also, there are a lot pictures of gutters.

I've combed through the catalogue and pulled some of my favourites below. You can browse for yourself here. And for the sake of clarity, this is not a sponsored post. The owners of this operation are definitely not investing in sponsored posts.

Some images might not be safe for work. You've been warned. NSFW.

Styrofoam, polystyrene thermal insulation of house wall install cell phone cover case iPhone5

adult diaper worn by an old man with a crutch cell phone cover case iPhone6

Beautician hands doing depilation in woman armpit with wax strip cell phone cover case iPhone6

International Certificate of Vaccination cell phone cover case Samsung S5

Cheese wheel on bady instead of table cell phone cover case iPhone6

Varicose veins treatment cell phone cover case Samsung S5

Purple strapon with thongs for role play games cell phone cover case Samsung S5

New rain gutter on a white home against blue sky cell phone cover case Samsung S5

pager in hand cell phone cover case Samsung S5

sick old man suffering from diarrhoea, indigestive problem cell phone cover case Samsung S5

[Amazon via Andy Baio]

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